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Zonar Electronic Fleet Management

"One of the most amazing things about Zonar is the significant positive impact they are making to our bottom line, our operational efficiency and our ability to support the environment.  Zonar really stands out from the crowd with their technology and superior customer service."


Louis Anderson, Fleet Supervisor
Town of Gilbert, AZ

Mobile Platform Telematics Platform Student Ridership
Android Tablet

Electronic Vehicle Inspection Report

Ground Traffic Control
Web-Based Fleet Management Software

V3 Platform
HD-GPS Fleet Tracking + Vehicle Diagnostics

Battery-Operated Asset Tracking
Z Pass
School Bus Student Tracking

Z Pass+
School Bus Child Tracking for Parents

Industry Solutions

Zonar provides groundbreaking electronic inspection, GPS fleet tracking, RFID scanning, and management solutions for fleet operations. The systems are easy to use and surprisingly affordable for a wide range of industries.
Industries Served

Satisfied Customers

At Zonar, it starts with our simple "Inspect, Track, Know" approach. This translates into industry-leading customer service and state-of-the-art products fully configurable to specific customer needs.
Customer Stories

The Zonar Advantage

Zonar was established in 2001 and achieves a 99% customer retention rate as a result of a customer-centric culture. Customer interaction drives product evolution and as a result, consistently delivers operational savings.
Company Story