Canada issues HoS exemption relief

March 26, 2020


Transport Canada, the Provinces and Territories, through the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators (CCMTA), have approved the Essential Freight Transport Exemption to assist federally regulated motor carriers (also known as extra-provincial carriers) and their drivers, who transport essential supplies and equipment in direct assistance to emergency COVID-19 relief efforts in Canada. Provinces may also be proposing additional exemptions for provincially regulated carriers.

This exemption provides temporary relief from scheduling provisions in Canada’s HoS regulations. All other elements of Canada’s HoS regulations remain in effect. For now, the Essential Freight Transport Exemption will be available until April 30, 2020.

The list of eligible commodities and products are the same as the FMCSA’s, but there are additional administrative requirements specific to Canada’s exemption. All carriers and drivers operating in Canada, regardless of domicile, must meet the following criteria to be eligible for Canada’s Essential Freight Transport Exemption.

  • The carrier must notify the HoS director in their base jurisdiction that they want to use the exemption (individual jurisdictions to designate contact in their specific communications to industry).
  • The carrier must list all drivers and vehicles to participate under the exemption.
  • A copy of the exemption must be carried in every vehicle operating under the exemption.
  • The driver must indicate in the remarks section of their daily log if they are operating under the exemption on that day.
  • The carrier cannot have a “conditional” or “unsatisfactory” safety rating.
  • The driver or carrier cannot be under an out-of-service order.

Download Exemption—EN
Download Exemption—FR

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