Fleet management apps drive mobility.


Since Apple launched its AppStore in 2008, the number of available mobile apps has soared. By Q1 of 2020, the Google Play store alone featured more than 2.5 million individual mobile apps. Incorporating fleet management mobile apps into daily operations only makes sense, especially given how rapidly the industry has digitized, the boom of competitors on the landscape, and how many of today’s professionals expect modern tools. Mobile apps are part of how we do life—and now, how we operate our fleets.

Mobile fleet apps extend your technology’s capabilities.

Vehicles, drivers, operators, maintenance and office staff are all tightly interconnected and in need of fleet management tools that streamline each person’s respective load. As fleets grow in complexity, fleet management ecosystems need deeper integration between technologies and closer partnerships between providers.

Collaboration between leading technology partners enables multi-solution integrations by:

  • line-installing OEM technology onto new fleet vehicles
  • working together to widen the accessibility of each other’s solution
  • ensuring compatibility between mobile apps and tools

Mobile fleet management apps deepen integration and broaden accessibility to deliver more data and greater efficiencies for fleet operations as well as drivers and operators. For example, Zonar and Ditat's Mobile Dispatch application work together so that dispatchers can send trip information directly to a driver's in-cab tablet and receive updates on trip status. This partnership helps automate logistics while improving accountability and performance.

Demand for mobile accessibility is growing.

Boundaries between traditional functions have blurred as fleets have digitized specific critical functions. Drivers and operators use more technology to do more on the move. Almost everyone has at least a smartphone, if not a tablet, and mobile apps are their key to performing certain job tasks efficiently wherever they are.

As fleet apps have become ubiquitous, they’ve replaced paper-based systems such as vehicle inspections, and reduced dependency on others for specific tasks such as engine software updates. Moreover, they’ve opened the door for a truckload of data insights that were previously shared only from the vehicle itself.

Managing a fleet isn't easy. Putting mobile apps into fleet managers', drivers' and operators' hands makes the job easier. And in today’s environment, the more mobile tools your people have, the lower their need for in-person contact—and the more safely they can work.

Stay relevant or lose opportunities.

New competitors start a step ahead.

New fleet operations (your competition) are built on innovation. Inherently tech-minded, these start-ups are launched using modern technologies, from their infrastructure to their offerings. With few internal legacy obstacles to overcome, they naturally adopt and develop new technologies to stay ahead of their competition (you).

From the get-go, your forward-thinking competitors embrace mobile fleet management apps as a natural part of life. Conversely, if you don’t, customers are more likely to opt for your competitors out of simple practicality, ROI and common sense.

Modern communities expect modern tools.

Many public transportation and school bus fleets serve modern communities. Their ridership is more tech savvy and expects access to well-developed mobile apps for greater communication and safety.

For example, Zonar MyView™ is a parent-facing app that enables greater transparency between the school district and parents. Districts now have a direct line of communication to notify parents of bus changes, delays or breakdowns. Plus, parents and caregivers use MyView to customize alerts and track their child’s bus without calling the school transportation center.

Easier communication and greater peace of mind, all through one mobile app: exactly what parents expect.

Modern professionals expect fleet mobile apps.

Most fleets feature a predominately mature workforce, especially behind the wheel. As these professionals retire, the people you bring on board will inherently be tech savvy and data oriented. They’ll expect fleet mobile apps from the outset. Incorporating mobile fleet management apps into your operations demonstrates that you’re an efficiency-forward organization—and helps attract and retain quality talent.

If you don’t have mobile fleet management tools to provide, you’ll lose talent to competitors who do.

Role Average age
Commercial truck driver 55 years old (source)
Commercial truck driver trainee 35 years old (source)
Public transit operators and school bus drivers Similar to commercial truck driver
Fleet manager 51 to 60 years old (source)

Today’s talent pool is professionally mobile. Most up-and-coming professionals stay with a company for 3 to 5 years before finding a new challenge. If you stay on the leading edge of fleet technology, and put fleet management mobile apps in people’s hands to make their job easier, your next generation of professionals—including drivers—are more likely to stay longer.

Proprietary apps are fundamental for any fleet mobile ecosystem.

Adopting fleet management mobile apps doesn’t mean developing your own. Work with a smart fleet management provider that designs, builds and supports its own mobile apps in-house. By investing in its own mobile app development, that provider demonstrates a clear understanding of the need to innovate relevant, helpful tools around what fleets actually need. Plus, that provider will take your needs seriously and continue developing mobile solutions that support your fleet’s success.

Easy access doesn’t mean uncontrolled access.

What if every driver downloaded a different messaging app because it’s their favorite? Using the wrong fleet apps breeds lack of control and incompatibility. Instead, you want people to easily access the same tested, trusted, authorized apps with proven integration and compatibility.

What you do want What you don’t want
People downloading specific, approved fleet mobile apps proven compatible with your current ecosystem of fleet technologies. People downloading incompatible, untested and distracting apps that compromise data security and fleet operations.

When you choose a smart fleet provider, you also choose their mobile device management platform. Look beyond the list of available apps for a fully managed platform that:

  • secures sensitive business data
  • protects against data overages
  • includes secure device lockdown
  • prevents unauthorized downloads
  • features remote support

Also look for a platform that features proven mobile devices and flexibility in the apps you choose. You want a provider that works with you instead of steering you in a direction that doesn’t make sense for your fleet.

A fleet management mobile app marketplace bridges the gap.

Fleet management technology providers who understand the importance of mobile apps also realize the importance of hosting their own mobile app marketplace. A single destination to quickly identify that provider’s proprietary apps and learn more about trusted, third-party partner apps proven to integrate smoothly.

A well-developed, informative mobile app marketplace will feature:

  • a comprehensive showcase of proprietary fleet management apps
  • third-party mobile apps, each tested and verified as compatible with the provider’s solutions
  • function-specific tools to streamline specific tasks
  • apps that function as part of a well-rounded fleet mobile ecosystem

Partner with a provider that delivers best-in-breed fleet mobile tools.

Choose a smart fleet management provider that in addition to developing its own mobile apps, also partners with other industry leaders so you can take advantage of those proven, compatible apps as well. Working with such a provider opens the door to deeper integration between multiple fleet management systems for greater efficiency and data insights.

Look for a provider with:

  • proven integration with leading third-party fleet apps
  • a willingness to vet and grow its own app marketplace to meet your needs
  • open APIs for supporting platform data integration and analysis

By integrating fleet management mobile apps, you create your own fleet mobile ecosystem. A connected platform that streamlines daily operations and makes life easier for everyone who keeps your fleet driving forward. But you need the right apps and the right provider to support them. If you’re not sure where to start or you feel like something might be missing from your existing fleet mobile ecosystem, speak to a specialist who can answer your questions.

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