FTA provides recommended actions for transit employees and passengers

FTA provides recommended actions for transit employees and passengers
April 14, 2020


Today’s public transit agencies are still transporting the public, including essential workers to critical jobs. To reduce the risk of transmitting COVID-19 among transit employees, contractors and passengers, the FTA has issued a safety advisory that contains recommended actions, which are consistent with all applicable guidance and information provided by the CDC and by OSHA.

Establish and implement policies, procedures and measures:

  • regarding the use of face coverings and personal protective equipment
  • for routine cleaning and disinfection of surfaces frequently touched by employees and passengers, including:
    • equipment
    • digital interfaces such as touchscreens and fingerprint scanners
    • vehicles
    • facilities
  • to create physical separation greater than 6 feet between transit facility employees, transit operators and passengers
  • that reinforce healthy hygiene practices, including policies to provide sufficient opportunities for employees to practice healthy hygiene and ensure transit vehicles and facilities are appropriately cleaned

The FTA also recommends that transit agencies revise policies, procedures and measures developed and implemented in accordance with this Safety Advisory as new or revised CDC and OSHA guidance become available. These recommended actions are not mandated and not legally enforceable; adherence is voluntary.

Download the FTA’s official recommended actions. And, for more on maintaining a working, healthy transit fleet, read our online article Life still rides on transit.

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