NSC launches SAFER task force to help employers reopen—safely

NSC launches SAFER task force to help employers reopen—safely
April 25, 2020


The National Safety Council (NSC) has announced SAFER, its nationwide task force to guide employers through resuming traditional operations and work environments in a way that ensures worker safety. SAFER, which stands for Safe Actions for Employee Returns, is a comprehensive, multi-faceted effort created in partnership with leading safety organizations, public health professionals and experts, and Fortune 500 companies.

Through NSC, SAFE will:

  • issue recommendations and provide guidance for employers, including small and medium-size businesses
  • identify complexities with reengaging workers, including contractors, by partnering with human resources, legal, labor, health care and workers comp providers
  • develop general and sector-specific playbooks to help businesses align worker safety with their particular operations and goals

This task force is comprised of a range of nonprofits, businesses, medical professionals, government agencies and trade associations, all of which will share their own expertise to develop industry- and risk-specific resources and recommendations. Focused on worker safety, SAFER will be workers’ advocate and the leading voice so that employers base their decisions around keeping their workplace—and workforce—safe.

Read the NSC’s full article for more information, including a list of those participating in the task force.

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