Paving Pro
June 3, 2016

The team at Superior Bowen Asphalt, Kansas City, Mo., shared an overall maintenance strategy that contractors of any size can learn from. With technology from Zonar® Systems, Seattle, the Superior Bowen team was able to integrate its existing Viewpoint system with the Zonar 2020® tablet, ZLogs® and ZTrak® asset tracker. All that Z-lingo means the company put a number of asset-tracking technologies together on the entire fleet—from milling machines to pick-up trucks to material transfer vehicles. Now personnel from mechanics to operators to bean counters in the home office can measure real-time telematics with any piece of equipment that’s equipped with the Electronic Vehicle Inspection Reports (EVIR®) and additional commercial navigation tools. President Trey Bowen said, “What gets measured, gets done is our motto. Zonar helps us to do this.”


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