Get Ready For The ELD Mandate

During Zonar’s webinar on September 19, 2014 with John Larkin, Managing Director and Head of Transportation for Capital Market Research at Stifel, Nicolaus & Company, you will receive information about trends, such as supply and demand, production verses sales, the slowing economy, rules and regulations, and the driver turnover rates.
When I was leading the Commercial Vehicle Division for the Washington State Patrol, employees were not worried about those trends. Their concern focused on today: paycheck, equipment, vehicle, and the uniforms they wore. While we were worried about hiring and retention to provide the service we were responsible for, we also had to provide those tools and resources to employees to make them successful.
At Zonar, we have focused on tools and solutions that make the employee’s job easier and efficient while saving you money. One aspect of driver/employee retention starts with job satisfaction, which creates motivation, and thus increases performance. Having a tool that is easy to use at your fingertips providing information and efficiencythis what we hear drivers need. 
The 2020 Tablet is a trend you should be followingKnowing how to be “Connected” will provide a significant return on investment for your company. The 2020 will strengthen your safety program, provide better insight, and control on compliance to those rules and regulations that are having an impact on your capacity. 
The 2020 is an Androidbased product, which makes it as easy to use as a smart phone. The interface will be familiar to your drivers. This ease-of-use will help drivers take their minds of the technical aspects of compliance and concentrate on the primary job, driving. 
Zonar’s hours-of-service application, ZLogs, takes the worry about running out of time away from the driver. Clocks are displayed throughout the 2020, showing the driver how much remaining drive time he or she has for the day. The application warns drivers at an hour, 30 minutes, and five minutes before they run out of time. 
If a driver has a habit of not keeping his or her log current, ZLogs can help. If it senses motion, it will automatically change the driver’s duty status to Drive. Iit senses idle time for more than five minutes, it will ask drivers if they want to remain in Drive or change to another duty status. Ithe engine key is turned on or off, drivers will be prompted to change their duty status. These are just a few examples of what the ZLogs application can do to reduce the stress of maintaining hours-of-service compliance.
The 2020 also offers two-way messaging capabilities. Our messaging application offers prefilled forms, so the driver only needs to enter critical information for the company. For example, ia company wants to know when a driver arrived at a shipper location, the driver simply presses the quick form button, selects the arrived at shipper button, and presses send. This offers a quick and easy way for the carrier and driver to communicate.
With the messaging app, drivers can receive messages from their dispatchers with the address of their next stop, then press on the address link from the message. This link will automatically populate in the navigation application and give directions to the stop from the driver’s current location. Additionally, the navigation application offers “My Places, so a driver can save frequented locations and get directions there with the touch of a button. Navigation also offers points of interest to help the driver find services, such as food or lodging.
Drivers must conduct pre and posttrip inspections of the vehicles they drive. With EVIR, our inspection application, it has never been easier. Drivers scan RFID tags placed around the vehicle and look at the items listed for that zone. Often times drivers do a good job noting the violation on the inspection report, but then hear that the mechanic could not find itWith the 2020, they can take a picture of the defect and attach it directly to their inspection. Drivers can also do inspections in all weather conditions, as the 2020 is water proof. Drivers driving at night can use the builtin flashlight on the 2020. You’ll improve your CSA (Compliance, Safety, and Accountability) scores with this verified inspection.
Why does this all matter? Remember on March 13, 2014, FMCSA issued a Supplemental Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (SNPRM) to require the adoption and use of electronic logging devices (ELDs) by all drivers currently required to complete paper records of duty status (known as logs). The proposal would require fleets to adopt and use compliant devices within two years of publication of a final rule. (Note: this is merely a proposed rule.) The soonest FMCSA is likely to issue a final rule is spring of 2015, meaning a final adoption deadline would be in the spring of 2017 at the very soonest.
FMCSA proposed to allow fleets using “ELD-like” devices meeting the current standards for Automatic On-Board Recording Devices (AOBRD: see 49 CFR 395.15) until two years after the final deadline for adoption of ELDs required by a forthcoming final rule. 
By adopting early with the 2020 Tabletyou could use the solution for four years (as the proposed rule is written) while having the benefits of all the applications. So don’t just follow the trends, set them, and get “Connected” with the 2020!