The Debate on Capitol Hill

Hours of Service and driver fatigue has been in the news, highlighted by the attempt to roll back some federal requirements and the terrible collision involving comedian Tracy Morgan.
Regulations and laws are written and enforced for the safety of the public, and when they are not followed safety is compromised and tragedies can happen.  The focus of investigations should be on the root cause of the collision, which is the job of enforcement.  I do not have all the data available to those investigating this collision, but I know today’s technology will assist in that investigation.  Throughout my 25 years in Law Enforcement, I learned that more rules and laws do not make the roads safer or hold drivers accountable.  What does? Enforcement, education, and technology.
Throughout my law enforcement career, there were many times the action of others really impacted our occupation, some positively and often negatively. I am sure everyone can remember a negative story about a cop somewhere that had a major impact on the profession and gave us all a black eye. The same can be said for the trucking industry.  The industry is filled with many awesome truck drivers and great companies that deliver the products that you use every day – they deserve to be highlighted and applauded.
At issue has been the rolling back of the federal requirements that drivers take time off on two consecutive nights between the hours of 1 and 5 a.m., as part of a rule that they wait at least 34 hours before starting a new shift.  There are opinions that the rules resulted in more trucks being on the highway during daylight hours, when traffic is heavier. Safety groups vocally opposed the change to the rules and now are asking for more strict rules.
At Zonar we have always been committed to providing technology solutions to not only increase efficiency, but also help make the roadways a safer place for our families. We will continue to do so along with the support of our customers, all of whom continually demonstrate their passion for safety by incorporating technology in their safety programs.