Violations Stink: 5 Tips To Avoid Them

Tip 1: Maintain your vehicle and its appearance, keep it clean. A dirty truck can be a sign to officials that you don't care about maintaining your vehicle, so failing to keep your truck clean can be a red flag and increase the chances of getting pulled over. Getting pulled over will cost you time and increase the chances of getting further violations.
Tip 2: Perform proper pre and post trip with EVIR, eliminate the obvious violations. EVIR comes pre-loaded with the proper inspection configuration for your vehicle, ensuring that you cover every possible violation area. With EVIR on the 2020, you can even attach photos of defects.
Tip 3: Make sure your load is secure, check it often. When you're hauling a load, make sure to inspect your straps or chains. Make sure you know your working load limits of chains or straps. Check your load to make sure it is secure at each rest stop and after driving over uneven surfaces.
Tip 4: Use ZLogs to limit your HOS violations, electronic logs simplifies and reduces errors. The 2020 will warn you when you're close to reaching your HOS limit. It also automatically tracks your logs and does all the math to make sure you're free of violations.
Tip 5: Follow the rules of the road, do not draw attention to yourself and have that safety mind set. Even small violations can catch the attention of enforcement officials. Make sure you maintain consistent speed, use your turn signal, and be extra courteous to other drivers.
The easy-to-use 2020 will help you accomplish these simple tips.