Bus Technology Summit
Ian McKerlich
President and CEO, Zonar
Terry Dell
Sr. Director, Channel Sales, Zonar
Dallas Gilmore
Account Manager of Passenger Services, Zonar
Gary Schmidt
Sr. Vice President, OEM Connected Solutions, Zonar
Robert Samuel
Digital Commercial Director - Engine Business, Cummins
Nick Grandy
Sr. Sales Engineer, Zonar
Ryan Sharkey
Director of Passenger Services, Zonar
Andrew Henshaw
Director of Business Development, Learn Design Apply

CEO Tech Talk

Back to School with COVID Student Transportation Solutions

The Uptime Triple Threat: Tools, tips, and tech for peak performance

Think Outside Your Budget

Session Summary

Out of tough times, great moments and opportunity are born. In the wake of the COVID-19 crises, opportunity lies in reimagining organizational processes to better take advantage of safety and efficiency technologies available today and in the future.

Topics will include:

  • Breaking down the barriers to technology adoption
  • How these technologies can have a real impact on the safe transportation of children to and from school
  • Where technologies can reinvent your view of total cost of bus ownership
  • How technology adoption can be more than a nice to have and become the great transitional moment of positive impact on your transportation department and district

Session Summary

Goodbye, summer break. Hello, new school year. Reopening plans look different for every district and its fleet. But one thing won’t change—people need to feel safe riding the yellow school bus again. Put everyone at ease with fleet tech that protects riders, staff and drivers.

Join this session to learn more about how Zonar has shifted in response to the pandemic to help everyone feel safer stepping back on board to by:

  • Verifying buses are inspected and sanitized properly using a patented electronically verified inspection system (EVIR®)
  • Using secure, digital health questionnaires to ensure drivers are healthy before every shift
  • Contact tracing with self-managed student cards for digital ridership visibility and instant rider verification
  • Knowing when buses delivering meals, school resources, laptops, and Wi-Fi are nearby with a precision bus tracking parent app

Session Summary

When schools return to service, the new normal will likely mean bus service for fewer students and potentially fewer staff members to monitor and maintain the fleet. Now more than ever, buses will need to be running at peak performance, have greater reliability and more uptime. Districts will need to reimagine their organizational processes, redeploy staff and rethink maintenance to be that much more efficient, relying on technology of today and the future to help bridge the gap for a safer, more predictable fleet.

This session will provide an overview of two new technologies (and some on the horizon) to help fleets recoup lost hours of vehicle downtime. Got Cummins engines? You don’t want to miss this presentation.

Session Summary

Budgets for school bus fleets are tight—and next year may not be any better. You have options for funding outside the traditional school budget. Federal grants are available for school improvements, including purchasing new equipment and upgrading safety standards for schools and their fleets. The better you equip your fleet to succeed within current budgetary limitations, the better you set it up to weather what’s on the horizon.

Join this session to learn more about alternative funding options to fund your technology initiatives. Topics covered include:

  • Zonar's Grant Assistance Program and how it works
  • Current federal grants available for school fleets
  • How selecting the right provider partner will help you uncover resources
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