How Do You Zonar?

At Zonar we know that our successes are only as good as our customers' successes. Help us by sharing how you are using Zonar to better your fleet operations, improve your career or just getting your job done better by sharing your experiences. We’ll take your quote, written testimonial or video and work to share with the world so it can know exactly how you Zonar.

"If I have a parent call and ask where the bus is at, I can simply look it up and tell them. That’s exceptionally important for parents so they can have that peace of mind." Michelle Clark, Director of Transportation, Watkins Glen CSD
"What sold me on Zonar is that they have everything in house. From electronic inspections, to GPS tracking, to detailed reporting, Zonar provides an integrated hardware and software platform." Josh Lacy, Director of Operations at NTC
"I have been in maintenance for 35 years and have not seen anything like Zonar. It is a dream come true. Zonar has taken us to a whole new level." John Stump, Equipment Manager, Goodfellow Bros.
"Zonar has been a fantastic partner that works hand in hand with us to understand customer needs and provide them with customizable transit solutions." Judith Crawford, CEO of National Express Transit