ELD Mandate is Here
ELD Transiston Service Package ELD Transition Services Package
ELD Transiston Service PackageThe ELD Transition Services Package is ideal for customers seeking peace of mind with the implementation of the Federal Motor Carrier Association’s (FMCSA) ELD mandate, which took effect December 18, 2017. Under the law, carriers that adopted use of AOBRDs before December 18, 2017 can extend the ELD deadline until December 2019.
Compliance Counseling
Access to dedicated industry and compliance experts
Compliant ELD Device(s)
ELD device(s) and Hours of Service applications fully compliant with FMSCA regulations
Over-the-air update service to remain in compliance with the ELD mandate
Implementation Plan
An implementation team that works with you to develop a plan of action including timelines
Expert Training
On-site training for your team
Change Management Counseling
Best practices for driver adoption
Continued Support
A best-in-class U.S.-based customer care team available 24/7/365
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