Keep your focus on the road with Zonar

Zonar is an FMCSA Self-Certified and Third-Party Verified Solution

With the combination of Zonar’s V4™ telematics hardware units and mounted and detachable Zonar Connect™ tablet, Zonar is the one of the first ELD vendors to complete FMCSA end-to-end testing, be independently third-party validated and also FMCSA self-certified. What’s more, Zonar’s solution also provides a superior user experience for both drivers and back office personnel.

We can help with the transition

Zonar has dedicated experts with decades of experience in trucking compliance who are available for compliance consulting. Our customer care team boasts a 99 percent annual retention rate and is staffed by employees 24/7/365. With more than 450,000 units installed in North America, we assist customers daily with transition, implementation and training strategies for moving from paper logs to electronic devices.

A complete solution provider

Managing drivers and fleets stretches beyond just a compliant Hours of Service/ELD product. Zonar offers a full suite of technology solutions that help companies enhance the safety of their operations, increase the uptime of trucks, decrease fuel costs, and improve the accuracy of reporting and logging. In order to see a greater return on investment, it’s wise for companies to look beyond simply meeting ELD requirements when selecting their provider.

Your trusted partner

We’ve proven we’re a trusted provider with our decades of innovation—more than 100 patents registered; customer retention rate—more than 99% of our customers continue to do business with us; and the way we support our products after the sale—30 percent of the company is devoted to after-sale support. With the ELD mandate, there will be newer, smaller companies trying to squeeze into the fleet management technology space, but most will not have the infrastructure or resources to support its products like Zonar. Let us help you with your compliance needs.