Zonar Packages Freight and Vocational Fleets

Zonar packages make it easy to select the hardware and services that meet your specific needs. Browse each package via the tabs for a combination of safety, compliance and efficiency solutions that will elevate your smart fleet performance. Or, simply complete the Contact Us form and we’ll consult with you to ensure the best selection for your business objectives.

Ignition Package

Access Zonar's Ground Traffic Control® for complete fleet visibility and diagnostics in real-time - includes accurate asset location, driver accountability, increased safety and savings.
Ignition Package Includes:

Ground Traffic Control® Track, Trace & Idle

Complete visibility into your fleet's location including engine-idle reporting

Ground Traffic Control® Diagnostics

Transmit fault codes from vehicle to maintenance in real-time
Add-On Solutions Available: (Mix & Match to Meet Your Unique Needs)
Two-Way Messaging Simple two-way messaging application improves communication between drivers and fleet management
Zonar Forms™ Forms-based messaging application with automated data fields improves communication between dispatchers and drivers
Driver Tools
ZFuel™ Maximize MPG and control hard dollar fuel costs by monitoring driver performance
Fuel Transaction Matching Integrate fuel card data, track driving events and location, reduce risk of fuel theft, save money
Zonar Docs™ App for capturing and sending pictures of documents electronically
OperatorID™ Know which driver is operating an asset to gain insight a number of powerful performance and behavior reports
Navigation Turn-by-turn GPS navigation for commercial vehicles
EVIR® Our patented EVIR® application verifies the pre- and post-trip inspection process while eliminating paper reports
Zonar Workflow™ Integrated driver load and delivery for Transportation Management Systems (TMS)
Zonar Coach™ Basic Promote safe driving habits with real-time in-cab coaching and performance insights for fleet managers
Zonar Coach™ Protect your business with video evidence of incidents, real-time in-cab coaching and performance insights for fleet managers
Advanced Diagnostics Detailed fault codes and analysis to help improve maintenance efficiency
ContiPressureCheck™ Receive text and email alerts for low tire pressure or view reports in Ground Traffic Control
Hardware Options - Traditional / Purchase or Bundled / Monthly
V4 V4™ Telematics Control Unit The V4™ telematics control units provide GPS fleet tracking, vehicle performance, subsystem and diagnostic information.
Zonar Connect Zonar Connect™ Tablet Zonar Connect™ is a fast and powerful in-vehicle ruggedized tablet which instantly connects drivers and fleet managers.
Zonar Connect and V4 Combo Zonar Connect™ & V4™ Combo Combine the power of the V4™ telematics unit and ruggedized Connect™ tablet for vehicle tracking, EVIR inspections and productivity tools.
Zonar Coach camera Zonar Coach™ Camera A forward facing camera used to visually detect objects on the road and process critical events.
Operator ID OperatorID OperatorID enables real-time visibility and reporting by driver and vehicle.
ZTrack GPS Asset Tracking ZTrak GPS Asset Tracking ZTrak is the most reliable and easy-to-use equipment tracker available. ZTrak helps you locate all of your assets instantly.
Zonar 2010 Inspection Device 2010™ Inspection Device Drivers utilize Zonar's 2010 inspection device to scan and indicate the condition of vehicle components within each zone.

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