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In 2018, more than four thousand people were in a fatal accident involving a large truck or bus. Every commercial motor vehicle (CMV) driver starts each trip intending to get there safely—but every driver also makes mistakes. In an instant, even a small one such as speeding or momentary lane drifting can cost people their lives and businesses tens of thousands of dollars. Whether the CMV driver is at fault or not, the ramifications are far reaching and expensive.

Help your drivers prevent accidents before they happen. Discover how—and how much—real-time, in-cab driver coaching could save you.

Accidents cost lives and money. Save both.

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See how much your company could save annually if your fleet had fewer accidents.

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Learn how big of a problem unsafe driving is, and how easily preventable many accidents are.

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Prevent accidents instead of just recording them.

Zonar Coach™ is a real-time, proactive solution that prevents accidents instead of just recording them for review after the damage is done. Featuring a smart, forward-facing dashcam, Coach watches the road, not your drivers. This coaching solution uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to scan the road ahead as your drivers go about their trip. When Coach detects one of seven key, unsafe driving behaviors, drivers receive an audible warning so they can adjust before causing an incident.

Coach only records unsafe events and saves the footage online, where the video can be reviewed, challenged or used to exonerate drivers who are wrongly accused.

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