V3 Telematics Device
Telematics Devices

V3TMand V3RTM Make informed decisions with GPS fleet tracking

Track asset location, odometer and fuel use
Perform driver safety monitoring
Diagnose remote engine and system diagnostics
Quality unparalleled accuracy and reliability

Meet the high-return GPS smart fleet tracking platform

The V3 and V3R telematics control units provide high-definition GPS fleet tracking with live delivery of vehicle performance, subsystem and diagnostic information in one simple-to-install device. Suitable for heavy-duty, light-duty, and off-highway vehicles, the V3 and V3R deliver the data you need, when and where you need it.

More than just GPS tracking

The V3 and V3R telematics control units capture more than just vehicle and GPS location. Our real-time data bundles include: latitude, longitude, time, odometer and fuel consumption. Compared with other systems, Zonar captures higher sample rates more cost-effectively, with the addition of fuel and odometer. As a result, you get more accurate position data and precise performance metrics.

V3 Product Brochure V3 Printable Product Brochure The V3 telematics control unit provides high-definition GPS fleet tracking and diagnostic information in one simple-to-install device.

Remote vehicle diagnostics

With a direct connection to the vehicle engine control unit (ECU), the V3 and V3R transmit fault codes from the vehicle to maintenance, often before the driver is aware of a problem. Real-time fault code descriptions and vehicle performance data help you schedule shop time and maintenance resources to increase uptime and improve customer service.

Reliable 3G network

Leveraging AT&T’s reliable network, the V3 and V3R both feature a GPS tracking receiver designed to instantly search out and connect to satellites. With low power consumption and data recording even while outside service areas, the V3 offers remarkable fleet tracking and data accuracy even in the most challenging environments.

All in one device

Zonar provides access to the V3 and V3R’s data from any web browser via the Ground Traffic Control cloud-based application. You can connect vehicle diagnostic and electronic inspection data for maintenance efficiency and improve driver performance with vehicle stops, speeds, routes, excessive idling, geo-fence crossings and fuel efficiency reporting.

V3R™ ruggedized for tough terrains

Get the same V3 fleet tracking capabilities for construction and work truck fleets with Zonar’s V3R. This tough GPS black box provides the same powerful telematics data for vehicles working in harsh conditions, including dirt, mud, ice, sand, and rain. The V3R is ready for your most challenging worksite, as it is built to be water-resistant and dust-tight, and it can endure temperatures from -40°F / -40°C to 185°F / 85°C.


Next generation GPS

Vehicle data is captured at a higher sampling rate than other systems, factoring in five dimensions – latitude, longitude, time, odometer and fuel consumption. Zonar gives you unparalleled insight into your fleet’s location both live and historically.

Real-time diagnostics

Remote engine fault codes and vehicle performance data transmit instantly to fleet operations to help increase vehicle uptime and maximize service efficiency.

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Features and Capabilities

  • High-definition GPS tracking
  • Remote vehicle diagnostics
  • Reliable network
  • Dynamic geo-fencing
  • True idle, speed and odometer
  • SAE J 1708/1587 and J1939 compatible
  • 24/7/365, U.S.-based technical support from Zonar Customer Care
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From our customers

The telematics system gives us a much higher degree of transparency into our fleet operations. We can monitor behaviors and correct those that are costly. And you can’t hold drivers accountable and change their behaviors without an objective way to measure their performance.

Kelvin Kohatsu, Fleet Administrator, Hawaii Electric Light Company