Zonar V3R  Ruggedized Telematics Control Unit

Zonar V3RTM Ruggedized Telematics Control Unit

Built For construction and work fleets
Reinforced for extreme conditions
Reliable network and HD GPS
Powerful tools to track
and monitor

Locate your assets anywhere, anytime.

How well can you tell where your vehicles are? Or how they’re operating? The Zonar V3R is a ruggedized telematics unit that, when used in conjunction with Ground Traffic Control®, can capture detailed vehicle information so you can keep an eye on the location and health of your fleet. Location, speed and even geofence reporting—the V3R gives you the insight you need to help keep your fleet running at its best.

It's built for life off the easy path.

Designed with a purpose, the V3R is built specifically for vehicles that work in tough conditions. Dirt, mud, sand, ice, cold or rain—the V3R is ready. Its durable hard casing design can even withstand the harsh shaking and shocking inherent to tough terrains.

Get precise position and performance data.

The V3R goes beyond capturing more than vehicle information and GPS locations. It captures real-time latitude, longitude, time, odometer and fuel consumption. This translates to higher sample rates at a more cost-effective rate than other systems. Accurate position data and precise performance metrics give you valuable insight in real time.

Spot issues before they become problems.

Remote vehicle diagnostics enable you to spot issues and schedule maintenance in real time, often before the driver is even aware of the issue. With a direct connection to the vehicle engine control unit (ECU), the V3R transmits fault codes from the vehicle directly to maintenance. Real-time fault code descriptions and the vehicle’s performance data help you schedule shop time and maintenance resources for optimal uptime and service.

Access your data from anywhere.

Access the V3R's data from any web browser via the Zonar Ground Traffic Control cloud-based application. Connect with vehicle diagnostics and electronic inspection data to increase the efficiency of the vehicle’s maintenance. Having this level of anytime access to the vehicle's data also gives you insight necessary for more efficient driver performance regarding vehicle stops, speeds, routes, idling times, geofence crossing and fuel usage.

V3R Product Datasheet Want to learn more? Get the details and see some specifications. Download the Zonar V3R datasheet.

Features and Capabilities

  • Enables remote asset monitoring
  • Easy to attach
  • Meets IP67 and IP69K ratings
  • Monitors geofencing parameters
  • 24/7/365, U.S.-based technical support from Zonar Customer Care
Download the datasheet