Zonar Workflow

Zonar Workflow Make load and delivery operations simpler

Access real-time load and delivery
Provide drivers clear, direct guidance
Enable event-driven data intelligence
Flexible workflows for your business

Simplify load and delivery.

Better manage your transportation operations and improve efficiencies throughout your organization. Communicate with drivers from your transportation management system (TMS) through our mobile application on the Zonar Connect™ or Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2. Track your load from pick up to delivery, and eliminate the need to call drivers for status updates. Provide step-by-step instructions for delivery, as well as specific load details such as pick-up location. Even clarify required load documentation.

Using Zonar Workflow to provide drivers clear, direct guidance and daily tasks also keeps you informed every step of the way.

Flexible for your operations.

Every business is unique, including yours. With flexible workflows capable of event-driven behavior, Zonar Workflow shares data between your TMS system and the driver’s in-cab tablet—in the right order, at the right time—based on your load and delivery management needs.

Fit our solution to your back office for greater operational efficiency. Choose how you manage driver trip assignments. Use your TMS system to manage and reassign loads and deliveries.

Equip drivers with the right tools.

Drivers can access everything they need on their Zonar tablet using Workflow’s easy-to-use interface, including current and upcoming loads for the day. They also easily view their next steps, which are highlighted so they can get back on the road faster. And, because Workflow integrates with Advanced Navigation™, drivers also plan routes accordingly as new loads are assigned; a single tap on the address will display suggested routes.

Communication is key. Dispatchers and drivers use Workflow’s Conversations tab to communicate updates or requests if needed. For dispatcher’s ease of use, all free-form messages can be viewed and sent from within the TMS they already know.

Zonar Workflow Product Cutsheet Want to learn more? Get the details and see some specifications. Download the Zonar Workflow cutsheet.


  • Integrates with popular TMS
  • Customizable to your operations
  • Easier communication between dispatch and driver
  • Update freight and commodity details
  • Update trailer information
  • Pick up and drop off notifications
  • Status and updates pushed to TMS
  • Supports English and Spanish languages
  • Integrates with Advanced Navigation
  • 24/7/365, U.S.-based technical support from Zonar Customer Success
Download the cutsheet