STN EXPO Virtual Conference
Michael Gould
Chief Operating Officer, Zonar
Bryant Maxey
Product Marketing Specialist, Zonar
Nick Grandy
Sales Engineer Manager, Zonar
Brandon Eason
Sr. Sales Engineer, Zonar

3 Key Opportunities for 2021

Enhance Student Safety During and Post-Pandemic

Rethink Your Shop

Session Summary

As the world emerges from the pandemic with unprecedented change, schools are re-opening or plan to soon while following health guidelines. Many are starting to think about their future and their strategic direction in the light of the emerging new normal and the uncertainty. Is it time for you to reset your business strategy? The answer is a resounding yes. Schools have already learned from the pandemic that adaptation is the key to success. Harnessing your district’s unprecedented creativity this year is a powerful asset as we all emerge stronger, post-pandemic.

As school transportation departments continue to adapt and address the pressure to reach optimal operational efficiency and effectiveness while also reducing costs, join Michael Gould, chief operating officer at Zonar, for three key opportunities to take on in 2021.

Gould will discuss how you can achieve these goals and spur your thinking around your business practices so that your operations can not only survive but thrive over the long-term. Topics will include:

  • Harnessing COVID-19 learnings for enhanced post-pandemic student safety
  • Finding funds beyond the CARES Act available for more than just technology
  • Reimaging your maintenance and how to utilize integrated technology across your fleet

Session Summary

We’ve all learned a lot in 2020, including new ways to protect students, drivers and parents. Make sure you’re putting the right measures in place that will carry into this new year, and as part of your new normal.

Join this session to learn how you can future proof safety with Zonar’s suite of touchless solutions. Topics discussed include:

  • Verified vehicle inspections and sanitization checks
  • Contact tracing through a ridership management system
  • Precision bus tracking for parents
  • Turn-by-turn bus route planning

Session Summary

The pandemic has taught us that buses are integral to schools and communities—regardless of whether schools are open in-person, hybrid or virtual. Keep your buses healthy, longer by rethinking your maintenance shop.

Tune into this session to learn how fleet health solutions can reduce potential breakdowns, lower costs from breakdowns and keep everyone on board safe. The presentation will discuss:

  • Extending preventative maintenance efforts with predictive maintenance
  • Streamlining work orders through integrated vehicle inspections
  • Increasing vehicle uptime with over-the-air engine updates
  • Realigning your business operations to extend maintenance efforts beyond the shop
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