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Monthly Savings per Truck: ${{vm.calcTotalFleerCostPerTruckSavings | number}}

Total Monthly Fleet Savings: ${{vm.calcTotalFleetCostSavings | number}}

Cost Reduction: {{vm.calcCostReduction}}%

Simply fill in the fields located to the right to calculate your savings.

You can fine tune the calculations to match your business by adjusting the field values listed below.

The table at the bottom displays your monthly costs with and without FaultIQ, as well as the amount of savings FaultIQ will produce for your fleet.

# of Trucks  
% of Long-Haul %
% of Short-Haul %
% Perishable/Time Sensitive Goods %
% of Unscheduled Maint %
% of Breakdown Events %
% of Saved Breakdowns with FaultIQ: %
Avg Tow Cost - Long Haul: $   Avg Downtime(days) - no FaultIQ: {{vm.avgDowntimeNoAD | number}}
Avg Tow Cost - Short Haul: $   Avg Downtime(days) - with FaultIQ: {{vm.avgDowntimeWithAD | number}}
Hourly Outside Repair Rate: $   Avg Hours of Repair - Breakdown {{vm.avgHoursOfRepairBreakdown | number}}
Hourly Inside Repair Rate: $   Avg Hours of Repair - Unscheduled {{vm.avgHoursOfRepairUnscheduled | number}}
Driver Wages/Hour: $   Avg Hours Driver Downtime for Breakdowns: {{vm.avgHoursDriverDTforBreakdown | number}}
Total On-Time-Delivery (OTD) Penalties/Month: $   Avg Hours Driver Downtime for Unscheduled: {{vm.avgHoursDriverDTforUnscheduled | number}}
Cargo Transfer Cost - perishable/time sensitive: $   Breakdown Event: {{vm.breakdownEvent}}%
Revenue Per Truck/Month: $   Unscheduled Main Event: {{vm.unscheduledMaintEvent}}%
Calculated Breakdown Events per Month
Breakdown Events {{vm.calcCurrentNoOfTrucksBreakdownEvent}}
Unscheduled Maintenance Events {{vm.calcCurrentNoOfTrucksUnscheduledMaintEvent}}
Total Events {{vm.calcCurrentNoOfTrucksTotalEvent}}
Unscheduled Maintenance Events Without FaultIQ With FaultIQ Savings
Tow Cost ${{vm.calcTowCostNoAD | number}} ${{vm.calcTowCostWithAD | number}} ${{vm.calcTowCostSavings | number}}
Outside vs. Inside Repair ${{vm.calcOutsideInsideRepairNoAD | number}} ${{vm.calcOutsideInsideRepairWithAD | number}} ${{vm.calcOutsideInsideRepairSavings | number}}
Driver Wages ${{vm.calcDriverWagesNoAD | number}} ${{vm.calcDriverWagesWithAD | number}} ${{vm.calcDriverWagesSavings | number}}
Missing OTD ${{vm.calcMissingOTDNoAD | number}} ${{vm.calcMissingOTDWithAD | number}} ${{vm.calcMissingOTDSavings | number}}
Cost of Cargo Transfer ${{vm.calcCostOfCargoTransferNoAD | number}} ${{vm.calcCostOfCargoTransferWithAD | number}} ${{vm.calcCostOfCargoSavings | number}}
Lost Revenue - Out of Service ${{vm.calcLostRevenueOutOfServiceNoAD | number}} ${{vm.calcLostRevenueOutOfServiceWithAD | number}} ${{vm.calcLostRevenueOutOfServiceSavings | number}}
Total Cost per Event ${{vm.calcTotalCostPerEventNoAD | number}} ${{vm.calcTotalCostPerEventWithAD | number}} ${{vm.calcTotalCostPerEventSavings | number}}
Total Fleet Cost per Truck/Month ${{vm.calcTotalFleerCostPerTruckNoAD | number}} ${{vm.calcTotalFleerCostPerTruckWithAD | number}} ${{vm.calcTotalFleerCostPerTruckSavings | number}}
Total Fleet Cost/Month ${{vm.calcTotalFleetCostNoAD | number}} ${{vm.calcTotalFleetCostWithAD | number}} ${{vm.calcTotalFleetCostSavings | number}}