Zonar Grant Assistance Program

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Researching and applying for monetary grant assistance on your own is time consuming and overwhelming. But without financial support those goals may be unreachable. Lack of funding shouldn’t hold you back, so we’ve partnered with Learn Design Apply, Inc. to offer professional, expert assistance from research to project implementation. Work with experts who’ll connect you with the right program and, once the grant is awarded, will continue supporting you through the paperwork and management.

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For many, implementing much-needed new fleet technology is easier said than funded. Doesn’t make it any less critical to enhancing safety measures or keeping operations rolling. We hear you—and we’re here for you. Several of our leading smart fleet management solutions are already eligible to be covered by federal grants, which are listed in the chart.

Grants Annual application window Funding max
City and Fixed Route
Grants for Buses and Bus Facilities Program Deadline - November 19, 2021 $409.59 Million
Bus / Bus Facilities August $11 Million
School Safety
COPS SVPP April - June $500k
STOP School Violence April - June $750k
Port Infrastructure April - June $20 Million

Feel like you’re staring at a square bowl of alphabet soup? Our grant assistant experts will walk you through available options and explain which Zonar solutions qualify. We can also help identify other potential opportunities not listed above. But mind the application windows. You may have all day, but you don’t have all year.

About Learn Design Apply, Inc.

Learn, Design Apply’s experienced team of funding and business development specialists provide a comprehensive range of services, uniquely tailored to your needs. They have more than 50 years of combined experience in program development, relationship management, and grant management and writing in the U.S. and Canada.

  • Professional grant writing and editing
  • Funder prospecting and guidance
  • Public sector sales support (enterprise)
  • Individual and organization registration assistance
  • Post-award project implementation and management assistance
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