Easily track student rider activity

Bus drivers can’t track every student, but Z Pass® can. With just a swipe, you can know if, when, and where a student got on and off the bus.

Here is how it works

Each student rider receives an rfid card
Every student is given a passive RFID identification card.
Scan Card using the Z Pass Card Reader
Students scan their identification card with each entry and exit from the bus. The time, date, and location of each scan is logged.
School admins have access to when and where students got on and off the bus
Gain immediate access to the information through Zonar's Ground Traffic Control web-based application.
  • Supports contact tracing
  • Easily locate a ride
  • Integrate with employee timecard systems
  • Claim unreported pupil Medicaid reimbursement
  • Improve routes and utilization

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See how Spokane Public School District used Z Pass to locate a missing student.

SPOKANE, Wash. – Update: 8-year-old Arianna Harris has been found safe and been reunited with her parents Tuesday evening. Harris was reported missing after she reportedly got on the wrong bus around 4 p.m.

Kevin Morrison with Spokane Public Schools told KHQ that the new student tracking app, Z-Pass, played an important role in finding the missing girl quickly. The district just implemented the app on May 1, and it helps track students as they get on and off buses.

Morrison says all 34 elementary schools in the district had Z Pass activated on May 1. Then, all middle and high schools in the district will start using it starting in the fall.

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