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Zonar’s fleet management system lets you access essential information easily, accurately and instantly. Zonar gives you a clear picture of every asset’s location, fuel efficiency, speed, stops, idling, maintenance needs and more. Dramatically minimize total cost of ownership by knowing where every vehicle and piece of equipment is at all times, as well as with how they are operating and when service is needed.

Our solutions are affordable, easy to implement and easy to access from any computer or smart device. Plus, our customer care team is available 24/7/365 to answer any questions. From onboarding to installation, we make sure you’re set up for success from the start, and we stay with you for the entire journey.

  • Ongoing visibility of all assets and how well they’re running
  • Replace manual meter reading with automated meter collection
  • Avoid unnecessary rental costs with verified utilization reporting
  • Prevent serious problems before they happen with real-time engine diagnostics
  • Reduce down time with automated integration of inspection data into maintenance software
  • Manage fuel by decreasing idle times, monitoring speed, and automating IFTA filings and reimbursement
  • Ensure required inspections are performed properly
  • Digitally screen drivers’ and operators’ health before each shift
  • Optimize your driver's time with efficient dispatching
  • 24/7/365 Customer Care by Zonar employees
  • Easy to implement and use
Light Duty Brochure Light Duty Vehicle Brochure Zonar’s comprehensive fleet management platform puts real-time data at your fingertips, helping you make informed decisions more quickly and efficiently.

The only telematics provider to serve every market

Our solutions deliver return on investment across all industries, fleet sizes and vehicles types. We can help improve your daily operations, whether your fleet is large or small.
State and Local
State & Local Time management, cost-savings, CSA compliance and operational efficiencies are key elements in successfully running your state or local municipal fleet. Let us help you turn your operation into a "smart" one.
Utility Safe, efficient driving reduces liability and improves response time. We can help you increase driving performance with real-time, visual operator feedback and robust historical reporting.
Waste Management
Waste Management Waste and recycling sanitation is a demanding business with expectations requiring near perfection. Reduce equipment breakdowns, excess fuel consumption, risky driver behaviors and more.
Construction Know the location and status of each and every asset in the field to optimize usage, so that you can focus on meeting deadlines and worry less about the status of your fleet.
Asphalt Our systems are affordable by design and easily integrate with other back-end systems. Let us help verify compliance for your asphalt operations, schedule proactive maintenance and reduce fuel costs and tax exposure.
Concrete Aging truck fleets and strict emissions requirements are some of the many challenges in the concrete industry today. We empower you with real-time data in order to make informed, proactive decisions.
Delivery With features like electronic signature capture and automated delivery confirmation, we let you focus on what matters most—on time delivery and keeping your customers satisfied.
Field Services
Field Services Manage driver routes, assignments and work orders from the comfort of your desk. Our solutions give you real-time visibility into job status and what’s happening in the field.
Railway Improve safety, increase visibility and automate processes between operators and dispatch. We can help your railway operation run more smoothly, efficiently and within compliance.

Zonar's solutions are innovative and cost-saving

V4 Telematics Device
V4TM Telematics Device Provides high-definition GPS fleet tracking with live delivery of vehicle performance, subsystem and diagnostic information in one simple-to-install device. Find out more
Samsung Galaxy Tablet
Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 Grow your fleet’s capabilities with managed access to Zonar and third-party applications through the Google Play store. Find out more
Zonar OTAirTM Perform Cummins engine updates over-the-air in as little as 5 minutes using the Zonar OTAir app on a smartphone. Find out more
ZForms Fleet Communication
ZForms™ Fleet Communication ZForms allows companies in the dispatch-to-driver environment to replace paper forms, share route dispatch assignments, gain efficiency and improve communication. Find out more
Ztrak® GPS Asset Tracking The most reliable and easy-to-use equipment tracker available. ZTrak helps you locate all of your assets instantly. Find out more
Ground Traffic Control® Ground Traffic Control fleet management software, will provide your organization with the most accessible real-time picture of its fleet operations. Find out more
Zonar Coach™ Camera
Zonar Coach™ Camera A dual facing camera used to visually detect objects on the road and process critical events. Find out more
Zonar Light-Duty TCU
Zonar LD™ The Zonar LD is a plug-and-play telematics control unit (TCU) designed for your fleet’s trucks, vans, SUVs and passenger cars. Find out more
Our Solutions With Zonar, you can be confident that we have poured our personal, professional and business investment into each solution to ensure your success.
White Paper: Telematics for Vocational Fleets
White Paper
See inside your vocational fleet with telematics.
Learn how vocational fleets are using telematics to reduce costs and improve their operations.

Case Studies

Henkels & McCoy Henkels & McCoy Leading transportation technology company delivers advanced telematics to utility construction fleet.
Kootenai Electric Cooperative Kootenai Electric Cooperative Read how Kootenai Electric Cooperative improved FEMA compliance.
City of Denver City of Denver Smart city finalist city of Denver Department of Public Works drives smart fleets with Zonar.

From our customers

City of Sacramento
"After implementing Zonar, we started seeing dramatic improvements in workflow coordination with more streamlined diagnostics and fewer downed vehicles in the daytime. The integration with our fleet maintenance system plays an integral part in helping our fleet operations save money while being more efficient and responsive to our clients." Keith Leech, fleet manager, City of Sacramento
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