Equip every fleet asset and jobsite for maximum safety, efficiency and hard-working uptime.

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Take on new possibilities with leading smart fleet tech.

Harsh conditions, rough weather, constant risk, inflexible deadlines—they’re all in a day’s work. You need a single, real-time view into every asset: old and new, and across manufactures. We’ll embrace your challenges as our own and support you over the long all. Because we don’t sell products, we deliver solutions. Like we’ve been doing for the past two decades.

Optimize asset utilization and efficiency across jobsites.
Vehicle health
Proactively protect and maintain asset health for more uptime.
Ensure safety and compliance with regulatory standards.
Work with a provider who’ll support you all day, every day.

See what you can do with a single view.

Optimize every driver, operator, asset and jobsite. Take less than two minutes to see how Zonar smart fleet management solutions unify your view into performance, health, safety, inspections and utilization wherever you deploy an asset. Access the data without digging for the data.

Work your fleet from one platform.

SightIQ Jobsite Optimization

Work your fleet from one platform.

Remotely monitor and manage every asset—across makes, models, years and manufacturers. All on our web-based, mobile-friendly smart fleet management platform that opens a comprehensive view into every asset and jobsite.

Consolidate jobsite IoT data onto one platform to view each asset’s details through one data stream. Pinpoint asset locations, maximize utilization across sites, monitor asset health, and verify every required inspection.

"The future of construction-aggregate site operations is in leveraging not only more but better data and technology for improving the speed of business, growth of production while ensuring best practice safety and environmental conditions are met." - Nick Grandy, General Manager of Vocational and Industrial Services, Zonar

Given how much this new, very easy to use, platform is capable of, we're excited to partner with Zonar to instantly drive down costly worksite inefficiencies resulting in a dramatic uptick in profitability for Zonar vocational fleet customers. Shawn Bonnington, Chief Revenue Officer, VizaLogix
Zonar supports its products 100% after the initial sale, which is huge. We've had a lot of companies who, once we’ve bought in, are non-existent. Zonar is still there for us. Mike Stevens, Fleet Services, Kootenai Electric Cooperative
We’re not a big company. But you treated us like we’re your biggest account. And I appreciated that. Justin Brands, Fleet Manager, Hot Line Construction, Inc.
The difference in terms of visibility into our business and the ability to more proactively manage our fleets was like going from the stone age to the modern age. Gil Gilbert, Fleet Director of Pipeline Division, Henkels & McCoy
Zonar's ease-of-use, and the fact that our trucks were already line fit with Detroit VTHUs and Zonar’s OEM telematics box, helped make my decision an easy one. Glen Hand, Inventory and Logistics Coordinator, Bridger Steel

Stay a step ahead with deep diagnostics.

Vehicle diagnostics solutions

Stay a step ahead with deep diagnostics.

Drive more uptime and extend your ROI on each asset. Zonar Fleet Health Solutions and Zonar SightIQ™ Predict pull key diagnostics data directly from each asset. Assess each asset’s overall health—not just its engine or certain components. Identify impending breakdowns before they occur. And plan more efficient preventative maintenance, even in the field.

Consider saving thousands in premature parts replacements a good start.

Build a rock-solid culture of safety.

Everyone wants to go home safe. Work with our dedicated, in-house team of safety and compliance experts, each of whom lives, breathes and helps shape the regulations that govern your industry.

Reduce violations, modernize your safety strategies, and evaluate policies to align your operation’s intent and practices.

Safety and Compliance

Refute false claims with facts and footage

Zonar Coach dash cam

Refute false claims with facts and footage.

Extend your safety program to light-duty vehicles. Install a light-duty TCU and smarter-than-average safety technology to record vehicle behavior and capture events as they unfold. If there’s an incident, use the data and footage to verify that your drivers and operators acted appropriately under the circumstances.

Maximize construction fleet uptime.

Keep construction assets healthy and earning their keep longer. Use our construction fleet management solutions to unify your view into performance, health, safety, inspections and asset utilization. Remotely monitor mixed assets across makes, models and manufacturers. Make the most of old workhorses and new ones, across every site and in harsh conditions.

All on one platform that embraces your entire fleet.

Construction fleet asset health

Meet today’s challenges with modern solutions.

Real-time asset data Log on to Ground Traffic Control to view real-time asset data gathered by the Zonar V4™ TCU.
Light-duty tracking Plug-and-play a Zonar LD light-duty TCU to monitor and manage passenger vehicles.
Verified inspections Trade paper for EVIR, and verify that every required inspection is done right. Even in the field.
One data stream Consolidate jobsite IoT data onto one platform with Zonar SightIQ™.
Asset health Use Zonar Fleet Health solutions and Zonar SightIQ Predict to maximize uptime and cut costs.
Smart dashcams See what happened inside the cab and out, with on-demand footage from Zonar Coach.
Safety & compliance Work with a team of experts to make sure your operation follows the safety regulations.
Remote tire monitoring ContiConnect Live measures each tire’s data so you can monitor each one, regardless of location.
See the whole suite of modern fleet tech.
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