Pupil Transportation Smart Fleet Management Solutions

Increase passenger safety Reduce paper forms Ensure compliance Improve fleet uptime

Welcome them on board, safely

Drivers, students and parents are nervous about riding again. Take steps now so they’ll all feel safer stepping back on board. We’ve pioneered proven solutions for nearly 20 years. No other provider will take health and safety on your school buses as seriously or is better equipped to help you navigate coming challenges.

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We are your K-12 school bus GPS tracking experts

With more than 15 years of experience and 170,000 school buses tracked, we understand the logistical challenge of transporting your students. We also understand the communication, cost, and compliance challenges you face every day. Zonar ensures your success with school bus tracking products designed to keep your kids safe and your fleet on track, backed by a trained customer support staff ready to answer your questions 24/7/365.

45% Idling Reduction
45% Idling Reduction Douglas County School District reduced idle time through a Zonar-based driver incentive program.
50% Idling Reduction
50% Speed Reduction Columbus City School District reduced speeding incidents, creating a safer fleet for students and drivers.
Transit Industry Brochure Pupil Industry Brochure Transporting students safely is a top priority for your school bus fleet. Zonar’s expansive set of solutions helps school bus fleet managers increase safety and security.

Increase safety and security

When an emergency occurs, district staff needs information fast. Zonar provides real-time school bus fleet tracking for instant reports on the location of each bus and the students onboard. Security and safety are further improved with alerts when buses aren’t operated safely or when they need maintenance.

Welcome them back on board, safely

Some school buses are already transporting students again. Others are still providing essential services and planning for the future while their school continues virtual learning. Whether your buses are running routes again or not, use the right smart fleet technology to keep everyone on board safe and healthy.

  • Protect drivers and students with touchless technologies.
  • Support contact tracing efforts on the school bus.
  • Verify right student, right stop—every time.
  • Collaborate with in-house, professional services for custom projects.
  • Keep parents in the know about their child’s bus location.
  • Digitally verify proper sanitization procedures.

Design your new normal with smart fleet management technology that protects everyone’s health and safety. Drivers, students and parents will get back to school life with greater peace of mind.

Ensure sanitization procedures are followed

Regardless of distancing measures put in place for school buses, many students may not realize the importance of following hygiene practices. Standardize thorough cleaning protocols and verify that they’re being followed. Our patented Electronic Verified Inspection Reporting (EVIR®) system features a configuration that streamlines the process of following complex, detailed sanitization procedures.

  • Comply with the FTA’s safety advisory to execute all routine cleaning and surface disinfection.
  • Document which areas are sanitized, at what time, and by who.
  • Monitor cleaning routines to standardize methods and maximize efficiency.
  • Document the type of disinfectant used.

Screen drivers for symptoms before every shift

Have drivers complete a quick health questionnaire using our new Employee Symptom Checker on Zonar Forms™.

  • Understand each driver's health and well-being.
  • Know each driver’s current temperature.
  • Reduce risk of exposure for everyone they come into contact with.

Drivers use their own tablet to complete the digital form. Each questionnaire is timestamped and uploaded to Zonar Ground Traffic Control® for secure, online recordkeeping. Authorized personnel then access the records online. No shared contact points.

Save fuel and reduce costs

Zonar enables you to chart calculable improvements, showing where you increased efficiency and reduced costs. Dispatch and administration can review data through real-time reports and dashboards, or receive a text or email notification if drivers are idling, speeding, or in the wrong place, so dangerous and wasteful behavior are stopped immediately.

Affordable bundles

Bus fleet tracking is rapidly becoming essential, and our low monthly rates and no up-front investment package bundles make it more accessible than ever. Schools save money with verified electronic inspections, automated Medicaid reporting, and parent-facing applications that reduce calls to schools — all with partnering with a quality expert that has earned a 99% customer-retention rate.

Zonar's solutions are innovative and cost-saving

V4 Telematics Device
V4TM Telematics Device Provides high-definition GPS fleet tracking with live delivery of vehicle performance, subsystem and diagnostic information in one simple-to-install device. Find out more
Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2
Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 Grow your fleet’s capabilities with managed access to Zonar and third-party applications through the Google Play store. Find out more
Zonar OTAirTM Perform Cummins engine updates over-the-air in as little as 5 minutes using the Zonar OTAir app on a smartphone. Find out more
Zonar MyView School Bus Tracking App
Zonar MyViewTM School Bus Tracking School bus tracking app that provides full visibility into bus locations, changes and estimated times of arrival. Find out more
EVIR® Electronic Verified Inspection Reporting
EVIR® Electronic Verified Inspection Reporting Improve compliance and accountability for your operations with the only verified, visual inspection system available in the market today. Find out more
Ground Traffic Control® Ground Traffic Control fleet management software, will provide your organization with the most accessible real-time picture of its fleet operations. Find out more
Z Pass Student Rider Visibility
Z PassTM Student Rider Visibility Z Pass improves the safety and security of pupil and passenger transportation by allowing you to quickly see where and when riders enter and exit buses. Find out more
Connect Tablet
Connect™ Tablet Zonar Connect is the next-generation, always-connected device built to meet driver and fleet needs for today and into the future. Find out more
Our Solutions With Zonar, you can be confident that we have poured our personal, professional and business investment into each solution to ensure your success.
Zonar is proud to support the Zip. Zero. Nada. None. campaign spearheaded by NAPT® and the National Association of State Directors of Pupil Transportation Services (NASDPTS) which commits to eliminate school transportation- related fatalities by June 30, 2025.

Case Studies

Cypress-Fairbanks ISD case study Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District One of the largest public school districts in the U.S. uses Zonar to keep students safe.
Anne Arundel County Public Schools Anne Arundel County Public Schools Zonar was the department’s first experience with computeraided bus routing software.
Shelby Eastern Schools Shelby Eastern Schools School district saves $40K by using Zonar to uncover data-driven insights

From our Customers

"The greatest benefit is the drivers have the ability to see the student names come up on the tablets and know that the students are getting on and off where they are supposed to. It gives the district the peace of mind, and it gives the parents the peace of mind that we did put that child off the bus where they belong. " Brenda Renken, Assistant Director of Transportation Systems & Finance at Cypress-Fairbanks ISD