Outfit your student transportation fleet for better safety, efficiency and on-time performance.

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Meet today’s challenges with modern smart fleet tech.

Transporting students safely, staying on schedule and keeping parents in the loop is a tall order. Doing it all with limited resources, and amid chronic driver shortages, makes the job more difficult. We understand your challenges. We realize what’s on the line. And we’ll work with you as a partner to optimize your fleet, safeguard student riders and serve your community.

Safeguard student riders every mile of the ride.
Ensure compliance with regulatory safety standards.
Optimize routes, vehicle usage and fuel efficiency.
Vehicle health
Proactively prioritize vehicle health and uptime.

Smarter fleet management, safer students.

The deeper you know your fleet, the more you can do with each bus and every driver. Take less than two minutes to learn how Zonar smart fleet management solutions protect students, keep parents informed and maximize operational efficiency.

Prevent breakdowns and maximize uptime.

Zonar FaultIQ Maintenance software

Prevent breakdowns and maximize uptime.

Keep buses on the road more—and in the shop less. Remotely monitor vehicle health and diagnostics online, on a single platform. Identify minor problems and issues early. Know when there’s an impending breakdown before the driver does to keep that bus, and its student riders, off the side of the road.

Zonar’s telematics equipment and Electronic Verified Inspection Reporting (EVIR®) system found on the Zonar 2010, greatly contributed to the success of our transportation initiatives. Paul Osland, Chief of Facilities, Chicago Public Schools
My Zonar Customer Experience representative knows our operation and acts as a one-person clearinghouse for dealing with purchasing, hardware and software upgrades and replacements, and all things customer service. Dr. David Benson, Transportation Director, Chesapeake Public Schools
Before we started using Zonar the only way we could truly know if a driver performed an inspection was after a fresh snowfall. If he or she turned in their paperwork and there weren’t footprints around the bus. Dave Anderson, Director of Transportation, Adams 12 Five Star Schools

Clearly communicate with parents and guardians.

Clearly communicate with parents and guardians.

Serving today’s communities requires modern tools such as Zonar MyView™. Districts use the back-end to clearly communicate directly with parents and guardians. In turn, they use the MyView mobile app to track their child’s school bus, and make sure they got on and off at the right locations.

More peace of mind for them. Fewer parent phone calls for you.

Make every bus, route and drop of fuel count.

Know your fleet operation in detail to uncover new ways of making the most of every resource you have. Track routes and buses to optimize each one. Identify and address idling to prevent fuel waste. And digitally track eligible ridership to maximize Medicaid reimbursement.

Student Tracking system

Protect everyone’s health with no-contact solutions.

Protect everyone’s health with no-contact solutions.

People need to feel safe about riding the bus—drivers, students and parents. Even if the vehicle is mechanically sound and the driver performs perfectly, what other measures are there to safeguard everyone on board?

  • Standardize and electronically verify bus cleaning protocols.
  • Equip each driver with a tablet to use for every essential task to limit their contact and protect their health.
  • Support contact tracing with digital rider visibility.
  • Use the parent-facing app to easily send COVID-related updates and alerts.
  • Screen drivers for symptoms before every shift with a simple, non-invasive digital questionnaire.

Already on board with leading OEMs.

We partner with industry-leading OEMs to lower your TCO and enable easier access to new smart fleet management solutions for your fleet. That means deeper insights and richer data to make informed decisions about your fleet with fewer hardware and upfront costs.

  • Many Thomas Built Buses Saf-T-Liner®, Minotour® and C2 Jouley™ buses are already line-fit with the Zonar V4 TCU.
  • When buying a new Thomas Built Bus vehicle, you can opt in to have a Zonar V4 TCU pre-installed for you.
  • BlueBird® customers can order our pre-wire kit for an OEM backbone installation on the factory floor or install aftermarket.
  • IC Bus customers can purchase buses with factory fit Zonar technology, install aftermarket or OEM retrofit their vehicles with the Zonar pre-wire kit.

Work with experts to secure federal funding.

Ask about our grant assistance program. Learn what federal, state and local options are available, and work with our experts to explore your options. You might be surprised. But mind the application windows. You may have all day, but you don’t have all year.

Smart solutions for safety, efficiency and reliability.

GPS bus tracking Log on to Ground Traffic Control to track each school bus online, in real time, and in detail.
Ridership tracking Outfit buses with Zonar Z Pass to capture data such as who rode which bus, when. And who got on and off, where.
Fleet health Use Zonar Fleet Health solutions to maximize uptime, minimize downtime and extend each bus’s lifespan.
Verified inspections Trade paper for EVIR, and verify that every required inspection and child check is done right.
Time & task management Control costs by using Zonar Access to manage employee hours online, on one platform.
Safety technology Enhance safety for everyone on board with stop-arm camera packages and driver coaching.
Bus driver tools Equip drivers with Zonar and third-party apps to operate more efficiently and safeguard riders.
Parent peace of mind Open communications and reduce call volumes with Zonar MyView, our parent-facing app.
See the whole suite of modern fleet tech.
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