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Advanced Navigation
Advanced Navigation Zonar App | GPS & Navigation
Plan the safest, most efficient, driver-friendly route.
Zonar Coach
Zonar Coach™ Zonar App | Driver Tools
Prevent accidents by teaching drivers safer habits in real time.
Zonar Count
Zonar Count™ Zonar App | Driver Tools
Tally bus rider onboarding and offloading for accurate, real-time counts.
Zonar Count
EVIR® Zonar App | Safety & Compliance
Ensure vehicle inspections are performed properly—every time.
Zonar FieldView
FieldView™ Zonar App | GPS & Navigation
Instantly locate, view and navigate resources, wherever you are.
Zonar Forms
Zonar Forms™ Zonar App | Communication
Streamline dispatch-to-driver communication with digital forms.
Zonar Logs
Zonar Logs™ Zonar App | Safety & Compliance
Ensure ELD compliance, and protect drivers from violations.
Zonar MyView
Zonar MyView™ Zonar App | Communication
Put precision bus tracking and transparency in each parent's hands.
Zonar OTAir
Zonar OTAir™ Zonar App | Service
Perform Cummins engine updates, over the air, using smartphones.
Zonar Verify
Zonar Verify™ Zonar App | Driver Tools
Prevent students from getting on the wrong bus or off at the wrong stop.
4 Road Service
4 Road Service Driver Tools | Service
Locate the closest truck stops, truck repair and road service providers.
Adobe Acrobat Reader
Adobe Acrobat Reader Driver Tools
Easily view PDF files so important information can always be shared.
CarriersEdge® Driver Tools
Train drivers online without sacrificing miles or weekends.
Cemex Go
Cemex Go Dispatching
Empower drivers to electronically manage their deliveries.
CrisisGo Communication
Keep critical communications between staff and drivers open during emergencies.
Ditat Mobile Dispatch
Ditat Mobile Dispatch Dispatching | TMS
Send drivers trip information, and receive trip status updates.
Drivewyze PreClear Trucker App
Drivewyze PreClear Trucker App Driver Tools
Bypass weigh stations by just using your mobile device.
Gmail Communication
Maintain good communications from your personalized Google account.
INSOFTDEV SmartCar Driver
INSOFTDEV SmartCar Driver Dispatching | Driver Tools
Accept and manage orders from dispatchers to your ground transportation service.
Kronos Mobile
Kronos Mobile Time & Attendance
Maintain time and attendance using your mobile device in one convenient location.
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Outlook Communication
Connect email accounts and calendars in one convenient location.
PrePass Motion
PrePass MOTION™ Driver Tools
Enable drivers to bypass weigh stations by using mobile devices.
Skyward Mobile Access
Skyward Mobile Access Time & Attendance
Empower students, parents and school admins to view vital information.
Tailwind POD
Tailwind POD Dispatching
Capture signed BOLs, and immediately send PODs for invoicing.
TimeClock Plus Mobile Clock
TimeClock Plus® Mobile Clock Time & Attendance
Simplify clocking in and out, and manage time and attendance.
Zello Communication
Enable fast, reliable push-to-talk communication without needing a driver device.