Every stop-arm violation is one too many.

Violators fund BusPatrol and Zonar technology, not you.

During the 2018-2019 school year, more than 17 million stop-arm violations occurred throughout the U.S.—an increase of 2 million violations over the previous year. With a shared mission to protect student riders, BusPatrol and Zonar have partnered to offer an exclusive, comprehensive school bus safety technology package to safeguard your entire fleet and enhance its operations. Plus, funds to pay for it come from stop-arm violators, not you.

Comprehensive stop-arm enforcement program
Fleet health and insights
EVIR Verified Inspections
Truly verifiable electronic inspection reporting
Fleet Management
Smart fleet management

Two industry leaders, one exclusive package.

Comprehensive stop-arm enforcement

As part of its seamless stop-arm enforcement program, BusPatrol handles every aspect of running a successful stop-arm camera safety program for you, including:

  • equipment procurement
  • deployment
  • maintenance
  • evidence retrieval and review
  • coordination with law enforcement
  • collections
  • support

Your choice of smart fleet management packages

Your choice of smart fleet management packages

Student rider safety depends on having a safe, efficient fleet. In addition to BusPatrol’s stop-arm enforcement program, you have a choice between two custom Zonar school bus fleet management packages. Fleet management packages include:

  • high-definition GPS fleet tracking
  • fleet management mobile app and alerts
  • truly verifiable electronic inspection reporting
  • ruggedized driver tablets
  • advanced diagnostics and reporting

Premium upgrades also available: parent-facing mobile app, real-time dashcam driver coaching, student ridership visibility and verification, employee time and task management, and fleet health and predictive maintenance tools.

Let’s change the culture of driving.

Fines for stop-arm violations prevent repeat offenses and reduce the risk to student riders—but issuing fines isn’t enough. We need to change how drivers think and behave. Through stop-arm enforcement programs, we can work together to create a culture of awareness and responsibility.

98% of violators who receive a ticket because they were caught by a stop-arm camera don’t do it again.

How it works.

BusPatrol handles violation ticket processing, maintenance and program management. When stop-arm violators pay their fines, BusPatrol uses that money to cover the hardware, installation and service costs of BusPatrol’s and Zonar’s solutions. The entire comprehensive bus safety technology package is made possible through BusPatrol’s violator-funded school bus safety program.

Stop-arm camera
Stop-arm camera records violation.
BusPatrol processes
BusPatrol processes the violation.
Pay fines
Violators pay their fines.
fines cover costs
Fines cover the technology.

Is our offer available in your area yet?

This comprehensive package features a stop-arm enforcement program that uses automated stop-arm cameras, which require state-approved legislation. With that in mind, this package is currently available in the following states and provinces.

United States

Connecticut Georgia Florida Illinois Maryland *New York Michigan North Carolina Pennsylvania Virginia Washington



*New York laws prohibit BusPatrol paying directly for Zonar tech. Package not inclusive of Zonar technology.
Coming Soon
Rhode Island
BusPatrol package is currently available in these states and provinces.
BusPatrol active pilots and pursuing new pilots in these states and provinces.

Don't see your area? Get notified.
More states are rapidly responding to the rise in stop-arm violations. Even if your state or area isn’t listed above, you may still be able to participate now (look for states with pilots on the map) or in the near future. Sign up for our advocacy newsletter. You’ll be notified and put at the top of the list to work with BusPatrol once your area has approved stop-arm camera legislation. You’ll also receive a legislative toolkit, including pilot program information, FAQ and sample letters of support.

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