Webinars On Demand

Be ready to act fast during on-board bus emergencies.


What’s harder than planning for an emergency onboard a school bus? Explaining why you didn’t.

Student transportation faces a growing number of external threats. Bus hijacking, highway breakdown, bus off route, disoriented driver—having a contingency plan that includes smart fleet management means you can make immediate, data-informed decisions to respond quickly and effectively.

Join Zonar’s Tim Ammon and Matt Dickey for a complimentary webinar to learn more about school bus emergency preparedness and the role of GPS, student ridership tracking, vehicle inspection and bus routing technologies in safeguarding students. Even when the driver can’t call for help, these technologies still give you critical information to know what’s going on, where the bus is, and who’s on board.

Also learn more about how to use smart fleet management technologies to prevent emergencies in the first place. Tim and Matt will share strategies and technologies for helping dispatch, drivers, and parents track students whereabouts in real time, verify regular safety inspections for school buses, and identify ineligible riders and suspicious devices.

You never know when one of your buses will have an onboard emergency. Or when you’ll need to manage the fleet during emergencies in the school buildings. Join us and learn more about preparing to act quickly when one does.