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Navigating parking and driver shortages through workflow unification.


Parking and driver shortages are two of the top five problems on trucking companies’ minds, according to the 19th Annual Top Industry Issues Survey by the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI). On Thursday, January 25, join us for a complimentary webinar to learn more about the role of driver workflow unification in helping your fleet address both concerns.

Learn more about one approach to these two complex problems.

  • Reduce your number of empty driver seats and raise retention rates by being a preferred employer who provides professional tools.
  • Enable drivers, dispatchers and driver managers to work together to plan routes with a higher likelihood of available parking.
  • Reduce drivers’ daily complexity to give them more time to put to better use, like locking in their next load and making the most of their hours.
  • Choose a solution that integrates electronically verified inspections to the app’s dashboard for streamlined maintenance workflows.
  • Enable drivers to track their hours-of-service using the same interface as their other driver tools.

Truck parking and driver shortages are in the ATRI’s top five for good reason. Register today for our complimentary webinar on January 25 to learn more about making driver workflow unification part of your strategy to navigate both.