Complimentary White Paper

The Misunderstood Exception to the ELD Rule: The 150 Air-Mile Radius.

Know the ELD rule and its exemptions

The 150 air-mile is one of the most commonly discussed exemptions for short-haul operations. If your fleet is subject to the ELD mandate, you need to understand this rule and how to avoid a violation. The final ELD rule is 500+ pages. Know the rule and its exemptions, including exemptions such as 395.1(e) Short-haul operations—(1) 100 air-mile radius driver. And find out how our safety and compliance experts can help reduce violations. Download this complimentary white paper for more on:
  • how an air-mile is defined
  • the 150 air-mile exemption requirements
  • What you are exempt from?
  • what to do if you go beyond the exemption requirement
  • your next steps
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