Complimentary White Paper

What to expect from professional fleet telematics installation

Telematics hardware for high-value fleet assets with complex systems can’t deliver usable data unless it’s installed properly. For quality data and minimal risk of downstream issues, rely on a professional installation team to ensure the telematics are installed and set up perfectly the first time—without unnecessary vehicle damage.

Download our complimentary white paper to learn more about:

  • which fleet types and sizes would most benefit from professional telematics installation
  • engaging the team as early as possible to ensure a smooth installation from the start
  • expecting the provider’s professional install team to work efficiently and thoroughly
  • how implementation, installation and quality control teams ensure the telematics system works
  • what should be included, such as full-service project management for minimal disruption
Download the White Paper
Learn how professional installers ensure your new telematics system is up and tracking the first time.