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Zonar Solutions for Enterprise Fleets

For 20 years, we’ve been helping commercial trucking fleets like yours enhance their operations through greater visibility, compliance, efficiency, safety and tracking. Part of the Continental AG family, Zonar is headquartered in Seattle, and has locations in Cincinnati and outside of Atlanta.

We partner with other industry leaders and OEMs to deliver end-to-end solutions that keep your fleet moving. And our U.S.-based customer service is available 24/7/365—including weekends and holidays.

Knight / Swift

Hear what Knight Transportation has to say. Watch video

Your platform: Zonar Ground Traffic Control&reg

Make timely, informed decisions with smart fleet management reporting that’s accessible anytime, anywhere—on any device. Track vehicles and equipment in near real time. View your entire fleet on a map that automatically updates, without refreshing your screen.
  • Monitor your fleet anytime, anywhere.
  • Pinpoint each vehicle’s location and usage.
  • Access detailed data captured by Zonar solutions.
  • Manage performance, safety and compliance.

In-cab tablets: Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3

Expand your drivers’, operators’ and fleet managers’ abilities with access to a library of Zonar and trusted third-party apps. Each Zonar-enabled tablet comes with key Zonar apps already installed, so your fleet’s ready to go faster, sooner.
  • Empower your drivers and operators.
  • Improve compliance and accountability.
  • Connect vehicles and fleet management.
  • Access apps for flexibility in the field.

Electronic Verified Inspection Reporting (EVIR®)

When you make sure each inspection is being performed, the safer—and more compliant—your fleet is. Ensure accurate, verified inspection reporting with our EVIR solution, the only one of its kind on the market today.
  • Comply with DOT, OSHA, MSHA & PTASP.
  • Reduce risk of failures on the road.
  • Automate service scheduling and reporting.
  • Integrate with your current maintenance system.

Unified driver workflow: Zonar MobileCommand™

Empower drivers to manage their trip, start to finish. Zonar MobileCommand, powered by Eleos, is a mobile app for drivers to access all load, HoS, inspections, navigation, messaging and LMS training. They can now access all necessary information using one app, one login and one interface.

  • Unify key driver tools into one workflow.
  • Perform essential duties with one interface.
  • Simplify driver tasks in and out of the cab.
  • Modernize the interface with your TMS.
  • Empower drivers to plan their best routes.

Predictive maintenance: Zonar FaultIQ®

Zonar FaultIQ, powered by Noregon, is a single online, predictive maintenance platform for monitoring your fleet’s health, down to each vehicle’s health and safety score. Know what’s going on inside each vehicle and keep each asset running better, longer. More importantly, save thousands in critical-issue repair costs.
  • Decode fault information into plain English.
  • See all fault data in one view.
  • Receive expert guidance for repair.
  • Prevent costly tows and driver downtime.

Smart dash cam: Zonar Coach™

Easily extend the reach of your safety program. Coach provides real-time audible violation warnings so drivers can take corrective action when it’s most critical to mitigating accidents.
  • Real-time in-cab coaching.
  • Protect drivers and fleets.
  • Mitigate liability cost.
  • Capture videos and photos of events.

ELD compliance: Zonar Logs™

Ensure your drivers operate safely, and comply with the U.S. electronic logging device (ELD) mandate and the Canadian ELD mandate. It even automatically updates as laws change, so you can stay in compliance without being caught off guard.
  • Prevent violations with preemptive alerts.
  • Ensure compliance with the latest laws.
  • Identify trends and most common violations.
  • Monitor driver compliance and safety.

Fuel analytics: Zonar ZFuel™

ZFuel is a revolutionary way to use high-density fleet data to reward drivers following best practices that save fuel and driving hard dollars to your bottom line.
  • Maximize your fleet’s hard dollar fuel costs.
  • Track speeding and shifting behavior.
  • Protect against excessive idle and fuel theft.
  • Reward drivers for peak performance.
fleet two-way messaging

Two-way messaging: Zonar Forms™

Zonar Forms enables companies in the dispatch-to-driver environment to replace paper forms, share route dispatch assignments, gain efficiency and improve communication.
  • Replace paper forms with clear, digital communications.
  • Customize message content and displays.
  • Track driver compliance and performance.
  • Simplify form completion with auto-populated message fields.
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