Ground Traffic Control®

Online smart fleet management.

Track vehicles & assets in real-time, online
Uncover efficiencies, saving & optimizations
Increase fleetwide uptime & asset utilization
Respond to concerns & inquiries quickly, with data

Drive your fleet further with data-based decisions.

Make timely, informed decisions with smart fleet management reporting that’s accessible anytime, anywhere—on any device.

  • Analyze trip data and vehicle usage in real time to make informed, strategic decisions.
  • Uncover hidden costs and identify more efficient ways to use assets.
  • Enhance security by seeing when an asset was powered on and taken from a yard.
  • Stay on top of required inspections to ensure safety and compliance.
  • Increase uptime with maintenance reporting and preemptive alerts.

Zonar Ground Traffic Control pulls quality, real-time vehicle and asset data directly from our own industry-leading hardware. Learn more about our OEM-grade Zonar V4™ TCU, our plug-and-play Zonar LD™ TCU, and our discreet Zonar ZTrak® tracking device.

Track on-the-move assets in detail.

Track on-the-move assets in detail.

Informed decisions deliver better mobile asset utilization and higher ROI than guesswork. Apply the real-time data, details and trends you see in Ground Traffic Control to maximize asset output.

  • Know where any asset is located at any given moment, in real time.
  • Identify time spent on site and driver trends, including speeding and idling.
  • Stop investing in unnecessary replacements and temporary assets.
  • Eliminate yard hunts and calls to locate missing vehicles and equipment.
  • Dispatch assets to where they’re needed and track how they’re used, as they’re being utilized.

Keep vehicles and assets ready and reliable.

Take the pulse of your fleet’s overall health with maintenance reporting that tells you what’s what, on a single dashboard.

  • Avoid more breakdowns and protect the overall vehicle life cycle.
  • Prevent more on-the-road failures by spotting issues such as engine fault codes and low vehicle batteries earlier.
  • Address urgent issues sooner by prioritizing which vehicles need immediate attention based on severity levels.

Cut down on fuel and its costs.

Cut down on fuel and its costs.

Wasting fuel and saving fuel start behind the wheel. Use the Idle report in Ground Traffic Control to see where a vehicle’s been idling, and for how long. Input a threshold based on what your operation defines as excessive. Then, based on the data, find ways to reduce this type of fuel waste.

Built for fleet managers, dispatch, safety and maintenance personnel.

  • Monitor drivers’ idling habits, and coach them to be more efficient.
  • See when Power Take Off (PTO) is engaged and for how long.
  • Quantify fuel cost savings, and driver and operator improvement.

Compare potential performance savings versus actual performance. Use our ZFuel reporting in Ground Traffic Control to access data and calculations for coaching more efficient habits.

Dial in on data that powers informed decisions.

Focus on using data, not digging for it. Quickly find your most important reports and details using our intuitive dashboards. And customize your own to make life that much easier. Save even more time by having tailored reports emailed to you daily, weekly and monthly.

Current vehicle utilization, fuel efficiency, driver behavior—in your inbox, ready when you are.

Stay in the know, in real time.

Know when something needs your immediate attention. Create alerts to be sent to your phone and be informed of specific fleet activities, vehicle defects, HoS violations and fleet health issues as they occur.

Reward your best, coach the rest.

Reward your best, coach the rest.

Monitor and manage real-world driver performance. Use Ground Traffic Control’s detailed performance data to uncover who’s operating safely and efficiently, and who has room to improve. View safety scores, and rank drivers to foster healthy competition.

When there’s an incident, access Zonar Coach™ dashcam on-demand footage in Ground Traffic Control to see what really happened. One easy platform for securely accessing critical video and context.

Protect fleet health with leading integration and diagnostics.

We partner with industry-leading OEMs. And we understand their technology. Use Ground Traffic Control to access fleet health reports for the data necessary to maintain your fleet’s best health. Plus, view expert analysis and recommendations, as well as fault codes and safety scores by severity.

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