ZFuel is a Revolutionary New Way to Track Fuel Efficiency
Ground Traffic Control® Performance

ZFuelTM A Revolutionary Way to Track Fuel Efficiency

Maximize your fleet’s hard dollar fuel costs
Track speeding and shifting behavior
Protect against excessive idle and fuel theft
Reward drivers for peak performance

If you still monitor driver performance by MPG, you are losing dollars—every day

ZFuel is a revolutionary way to leverage high-density fleet data to reward drivers following best practices that save fuel and driving hard dollars to your bottom line.

No longer must drivers be judged primarily on MPG without taking into account terrain, altitude, weather conditions, routing, maintenance, aerodynamics and gearing—all factors over which the driver has little or no control.

With ZFuel, each driver earns an individualized Driver Efficiency Score, quickly uncovering performance areas in need of coaching across your entire fleet. The end result is a workforce motivated to implement best practices and a fleet that runs more efficiently on less fuel.

ZFuel Product Brochure ZFuel Printable Product Brochure ZFuel™ is a revolutionary way to leverage high-density fleet data to reward drivers following best practices that save fuel and driving hard dollars to your bottom line.

Common Fuel & Driver Performance Challenges

Is it possible to have a “perfect driver” in every truck?
It's well known that driver behavior has a direct and costly impact on bottom-line fuel costs. In fact, most waste can be traced back to lack of cruise control, high RPM, excessive idling and over-speed. You now have a way to know exactly what expenses would look like if all of your drivers operate with maximum efficiency relative to the specific truck and route they are driving.

Can you easily investigate “1-800 How's My Driving” calls?
ZFuel data seamlessly allows your company to recreate driving events and conditions to protect drivers against erroneous claims.

How do you effectively coach individual performance with only averaged metrics?
Refine and individualize coaching practices by revealing additional dimensions regarding performance metrics, such as whether an individual vehicle was traveling a steep incline or navigating through metro-area traffic.

Can you ensure idle times—in varying weather conditions—aren’t eating into profits?
By measuring the fuel being shot through the injectors, ZFuel Smart Idle builds a distinct profile by truck for fuel consumption during idle times. By overlaying this data with real-time weather conditions, you'll be assured guidelines are being followed regardless of outside temperature or additional electrical loads on the engine based on the age of a specific truck.

Are you able to implement an effective, tamper-proof, pay-for-performance program?
ZFuel is a win-win for drivers and fleet owners. For drivers, it provides a fair look at how they maximize best practices and meet company standards and allows for recognition of good habits. For fleet owners, ZFuel illuminates critical areas of improvement and steers the fleet toward the very best MPG possible, saving significant money.

Can you easily audit ineffective use of cruise control and aggressive driving behaviors that dramatically increase fuel costs?
Smooth and steady use of cruise control, high RPMs, and smart idling directly correlate to fuel consumption—and are all within the driver’s control. ZFuel will highlight exactly where your company should focus its coaching to improve driver performance to significantly reduce operating expenses.

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Features and Capabilities

  • Maximize MPG and control hard dollar fuel costs
  • Create efficiency scores, by driver, to uncover training gaps
  • Normalize metrics across age of truck and route terrain
  • Track key metrics, by truck, that truly impact fuel costs, such as speeding and shifting behavior
  • Flag idle times outside of company policy, by individual truck profile
  • Protect against fuel theft
  • Track driver behavior and monitor improvement over time
  • Quantify the number and percentage of miles in top gear
  • Map cruise control use from New York to Seattle—or just across town
  • 24/7/365, U.S.-based technical support from Zonar Customer Care
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