Zonar ZFuel

Minimize fuel costs, maximize fuel usage.

Drive hard dollar savings to your bottom line
Track speeding & shifting behavior
Protect against excessive idling & fuel theft
Analyze driver efficiency based on metrics

Reduce costs with real-world driver efficiency metrics.

Every little inefficiency adds up. On average, fuel spending accounts for 24 percent of total fleet costs.

Capture metrics that reflect how each driver performs, as well as variables that differ for each trip, route and vehicle. Then curb inefficiencies that drain your hard fuel costs.

  • Measure drivers’ efficiency based on their specific vehicle and route variables.
  • Identify fleetwide and individual activities, trends and driving habits that waste fuel.
  • Recognize and reward efficient drivers based on their Driver Efficiency Score.
  • Recreate events and conditions to protect them from erroneous claims.
Zonar ZFuel- Fuel Efficiency Reporting

Focus on what you can control.

You can’t change the weather, but you can build more efficient routes based on data. Zonar ZFuel is a report within Ground Traffic Control® that captures and compares actual driver habits to a simulated driver that performs at maximum efficiency for a configured trip.

Measure performance based on what they can control, such as speeding, idling, RPMs and cruise control usage. Focus on areas for improvement that make sense when taken on the road.

Level the playing field for rewarding drivers.

ZFuel provides each driver an individualized Driver Efficiency Score, which takes into account what they can’t control. Regardless of route or vehicle, performance is evaluated equally—even if they haul heavy loads uphill or navigate congested city streets.

Refine coaching and best practices with an understanding of each driver’s individual performance as well as what their trips look like in practice, not just theory.

Key features
  • Metrics for each vehicle
  • Measures variables such as routes, trips, terrain, weather, driver activities and vehicle health
  • Map-based reporting to view where and when low MPG occurs
  • Customizable thresholds to match company policies
  • Individual Driver Efficiency Scores
  • Flags for idling outside operation policy, by individual vehicle profile
  • Cruise control mapping across any distance
  • Added protection against fuel theft
  • 24/7/365, U.S.-based support from Zonar Customer Success

Protect against fuel theft.

Protect against fuel theft.

Spot red flags sooner to keep your fleet’s fuel in the tanks. Quickly and accurately detect when an amount of fuel exceeds a vehicle’s gas tank capacity. And look for any unplanned or unexplainable fuel purchases.

Always assume good intentions, but look to ZFuel’s data to see if something doesn’t add up.

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