EVIR - Electronic Verified Inspection Reporting

EVIR® Electronic Verified Inspection Reporting

Comply with DOT, OSHA, MSHA & PTASP
Ensure accurate, verified inspection reports
Reduce risk of failures on the road
Automate service scheduling & reporting

Verify inspections, save lives, stay compliant.

When you make sure each inspection is being performed, the safer—and more compliant—your fleet is. Use the only electronic verified inspection reporting (EVIR) solution of its kind on the market today. Unlike DVIR and eDVIR solutions, EVIR inspections are truly verifiable so you can be sure each inspection is completed, performed properly and the results are accurately captured.

  • Place a Zonar RFID or NFC tag on each inspection zone of the vehicle.
  • Drivers and operators must physically visit and scan each inspection zone.
  • Once they electronically sign the inspection, the results are uploaded into our secure online portal.

Comply with sanitization procedures.

EVIR now features a new inspection configuration to streamline the process of following complex, detailed sanitization procedures.

  • Comply with the FTA’s safety advisory to execute all routine cleaning and surface disinfection.
  • Document which areas are sanitized, at what time, and by who.
  • Monitor cleaning routines to standardize methods and maximize efficiency.
  • Document the type of disinfectant used.

The sanitization guidelines in this new EVIR configuration align with APTA's best practice standards and can be built into your final plans for PTASP compliance.

Streamline inspection times by 50% or more.

Start to finish, EVIR reduces inspection time by more than half compared to paper-based inspections. Instead of searching for vehicle information, backtracking when a vehicle is misidentified, or filling out and filing actual paperwork, each Zonar tag is digitally associated to that vehicle to verify its identity and ensure the correct information is uploaded.


  • Take less time to perform required inspections.
  • Capture all inspection results digitally; no paper to lose.
  • Can view their vehicle’s current and past inspections.
  • Review current and past EVIR inspection reports.
  • Receive alerts when repairs are done so they can get back on the road.

Fleet managers

  • Rest easy knowing required inspections are done, and the reports are accurate.
  • Keep vehicles in safe mechanical condition and working longer.
  • Know sooner instead of later when critical defects are found.
  • Streamline inspection audits with easier access to reports online.
  • Can look at timestamps to tell if any part of an inspection was rushed.
  • Ensure critical sanitization procedures are followed.

Available on Zonar tablets and by downloading the app from the Google Play Store, EVIR takes up the same amount of physical room in the cab as any other app on your drivers’ device. And EVIR is compliant with all DOT, OSHA, MSHA and PTASP regulations.

EVIR Product Brochure Learn more Prevent pencil-whipping and rushed, partial inspections. Download the printable EVIR cutsheet to learn more about the solution and how it ensures proper inspections—every time.

Ensure rental vehicles are inspected, too.

Most fleets rent vehicles and equipment—including yours (we assume). If so, you’re responsible for making sure rental assets are properly inspected, too. EVIR’s option for a tagless inspection accommodates temporary, untagged assets using the same EVIR app as for the tagged app. And, as it does for your tagged assets, EVIR transmits and stores the information in Ground Traffic Control for easy review and quick access for audits.

Zonar EVIR
Zonar EVIRElectronic Verified Inspection Reporting
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From our customers

"The paper inspection report we used previously was a non-descript form with only 40 boxes. With Zonar EVIR® and its 11-zone system that details nearly 1000 conditions, the driver inspection reports are much more complete and provides our mechanics much –needed details to keep our fleet of trucks and trailers in top-top shape." Mark Munds, President, V&M Transport

Case Studies

Smoot Brothers Case Study Smoot Brothers Smoot Brothers improves the efficiency and safety of their operations.
Smoot Brothers Case Study Superior Bowen Asphalt Deployed Zonar tracker technologies and RFID tags to gain better visibility into their equipment.
Avoid Millions Lost Due to Downtime for Failed Inspections