Zonar Logs

ELD built for drivers, backed by compliance experts.

Ensure U.S. & Canadian ELD compliance
Prevent costly violations & driver OOS downtime
Lower CSA scores with compliance-driven data
Simplify HoS with an easy-to-use dashboard

Ensure compliance, drive on with your day.

Zonar Logs simplifies hours-of-service (HoS) compliance, so your drivers more easily avoid violations and costly citations.

  • Self-certified with the U.S. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to meet U.S. ELD regulations
  • Third-party certified with Transport Canada’s accreditation body, COMDriver, for use by Canadian fleets and federally regulated carriers crossing the U.S. and Canada border

A trusted HoS solution for more than 10 years, Zonar Logs was designed and developed for drivers. And informed from the start by our in-house team of leading safety and compliance experts.

Choose U.S. or Canadian ELD view.

How it works

Live engine data is transmitted to the Zonar V4™ telematics device.

Drivers enter their hours of service using Zonar Logs on their in-cab device.

Compliance managers view driver HoS and violations in Ground Traffic Control®.

Avoid ELD violations with a proven solution.

Every roadside inspection helps or hurts your fleet. And can impact your CSA score. Reduce your fleet’s number of HoS violations with an ELD solution that makes compliance easier for managers, drivers and law enforcement officials.

  • Equip single drivers and teams to easily manage their HoS on their in-cab device.
  • Streamline roadside inspections with log certifications and built-in data transfers.
  • Avoid costly violations with real-time clocks and in-cab warnings.
Zonar Logs Roadside view

Strengthen fleetwide compliance with in-depth visibility.

GTC Zonar Logs

Strengthen fleetwide compliance with in-depth visibility.

Using Ground Traffic Control, remotely monitor driver hours in real time to prevent accidental violations. And to make the most of every available moment of drivetime.

  • See each driver’s real-time duty status and available hours.
  • Spot trends and review common fleet violations to increase driver safety and enhance training.
  • Suggest log edits and assign unidentified driving time to maintain accuracy.
  • Identify vehicle malfunctions and the drivers they impact.

Update HoS anytime, anywhere.

Using their email, drivers log in to Zonar Driver Dashboard®, an online portal, from their computer, smartphone or other mobile device. There, they easily update their duty status to ON or OFF, as well as export and certify their logs.

Stay compliant, even across the U.S.-Canada border.

We’ve been preparing for certification since the Canadian ELD regulations were initiated. Now, Zonar Logs is third-party certified to meet Canadian ELD it automatically updates as your driver crosses the border for seamless compliance.

Follow the right rulesets with expert help.

Our dedicated, in-house Safety and Compliance experts know the rules and regulations inside and out. They’re here to work with you, even after implementation. If you have questions about current or proposed industry regulations, audits or best practices, contact them for your complimentary consultation.

Key features
  • Meets title 49 CFR 395 ELD & HoS supporting documents
  • Third-party certified to meets Canadian regulations
  • Dedicated support from our Safety and Compliance experts
  • Supports a variety of rulesets and special duty statuses
  • Duty status reminders and in-cab alerts when approaching violations
  • Easy unidentified driving workflow on tablet and in back-office
  • Compliance reporting, including violations, availability & malfunctions
  • Live status map-based view
  • Automatic software updates with new and updated laws
Questions? We’re here with answers. Let’s talk.