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Increase passenger safety Reduce paper forms Ensure compliance Improve fleet uptime

Technology that makes a difference

Transit vehicles operate tirelessly throughout the day—serving passengers on evenings, weekends, holidays and in all weather conditions. Zonar helps fleet managers improve operational efficiency to allow more focus to be spent on ensuring on-time arrivals and creating a safe, enjoyable experience for passengers.

Comply with PTASP requirements

Effective July 19, 2019, the Public Transportation Agency Safety Plan (PTASP) final rule requires certain public transit agencies to develop safety plans. Already, agencies have begun implementing our patented electronic verified inspecting reporting solution to satisfy the vehicle inspection portion of the rule. Learn more about the PTASP rule and how we can help ensure your agency complies by the December 31, 2020, deadline.

Ensure sanitization procedures are followed

Public transit agencies across the nation are stepping up sanitization efforts. Make sure yours are followed while keeping schedules on track. Our patented Electronic Verified Inspection Reporting (EVIR®) system features a configuration that streamlines the process of following complex, detailed sanitization procedures.

  • Comply with the FTA’s safety advisory to execute all routine cleaning and surface disinfection.
  • Document which areas are sanitized, at what time, and by who.
  • Monitor cleaning routines to standardize methods and maximize efficiency.
  • Document the type of disinfectant used.

The sanitization guidelines in this EVIR configuration align with APTA's best practice standards and can be built into your final plans for PTASP compliance.

Screen operators for symptoms before every shift

Have operators complete a quick health questionnaire using our new Employee Symptom Checker on Zonar Forms™.

  • Understand each operator’s health and well-being.
  • Know each operator’s current temperature.
  • Reduce risk of exposure for everyone they come into contact with.

Operators use their own tablet to complete the digital form. Each questionnaire is timestamped and uploaded to Zonar Ground Traffic Control® for secure, online recordkeeping. Authorized personnel then access the records online. No shared contact points.

Check the box for safety and security

The value of pre- and post-trip inspections goes beyond avoiding maintenance violations and maintaining DOT, OSHA and MSHA regulations. Our solutions can be custom-configured to verify that slip-seat inspections are being completed and ensure security inspections follow the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) counter-terrorism guidelines for

Shift to a proactive maintenance approach

Fleet managers and maintenance personnel can tap into the engine control unit of each vehicle to identify faults and schedule preventative maintenance before an operator ever sees a defect. A proactive approach drastically reduces the number of service calls. If an operator does log an issue during their inspection, that information is relayed electronically to the fleet manager and maintenance personnel. Improved visibility into data can help improve the uptime of buses on the road.

Transit Industry Brochure Transit Industry Brochure The value of pre- and post-trip inspections goes beyond avoiding maintenance violations and maintaining federal regulations.

Stay compliant and “go green” – at the same time

Our tablet solutions feature the patented Electronic Verified Inspection Reporting (EVIR) system, the only one of its kind on the market today. A required physical check of each RFID tag—placed in pre-determined zones of the vehicle— promotes accountability and accuracy for inspections, while also putting an end to “pencil whipped” reporting and wasted paper. The Department of Transportation mandates that every carrier, operator and its representatives shall comply with pre- and post-trip inspections. Why not enlist Zonar’s help to ensure you are 100 percent compliant?

Protect against audits

The inspection data captured by an operator can be transferred over the cloud to our powerful Ground Traffic Control™ web-based application. This gives fleet managers and maintenance personnel immediate insight into defects and the health of each vehicle. Everything you need to know (and more) is captured and stored electronically including important data used for audit reporting.

Customize and integrate

Because every business is different, we give you the option to customize your solution, something true of almost every Zonar product. Our tablets are purpose-built, which means they’re built to last—different than some industry products meant to be thrown away or upgraded every couple of years. We also work closely with key third-party software companies to deliver a completely integrated solution for our customers.

Zonar's solutions are innovative and cost-saving

V4 Telematics Device
V4TM Telematics Device Provides high-definition GPS fleet tracking with live delivery of vehicle performance, subsystem and diagnostic information in one simple-to-install device. Find out more
Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2
Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 Grow your fleet’s capabilities with managed access to Zonar and third-party applications through the Google Play store. Find out more
Zonar OTAirTM Perform Cummins engine updates over-the-air in as little as 5 minutes using the Zonar OTAir app on a smartphone. Find out more
ZForms Fleet Communication
ZForms™ Fleet Communication ZForms allows companies in the dispatch-to-driver environment to replace paper forms, share route dispatch assignments, gain efficiency and improve communication. Find out more
Zonar Coach™ Camera
Zonar Coach™ Camera A dual facing camera used to visually detect objects on the road and process critical events. Find out more
Ground Traffic Control® Ground Traffic Control fleet management software, will provide your organization with the most accessible real-time picture of its fleet operations. Find out more
ZLogs: Hours of Service application
Zonar Logs™ Hours of Service Drivers use the Zonar Connect™ or Samsung Tab Avtive2 tablet to easily view available hours, update duty status and electronically submit Hours of Service (HOS) records. Find out more
Zonar FaultIQ
Zonar FaultIQ™ Zonar FaultIQ, powered by Noregon, predictive maintenance platform for monitoring your fleet’s health, down to each vehicle’s health and safety score. Find out more
Our Solutions With Zonar, you can be confident that we have poured our personal, professional and business investment into each solution to ensure your success.
Zonar EVIR
Zonar EVIRVerify each bus is properly sanitized.
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Case Studies

Stout's Transportation Stout's Transportation Stout's Transportation has minimized downtime, improved compliance, streamlined inspections and increased safety.
National Express Transit Corporation National Express Transit Corporation With improved fleet monitoring, NEXT was able to identify issues earlier and take action more quickly.
Stout's Transportation Pacific Coachways Bus Charter Service Pacific Coachways has seen a reduction in idling times with the buses in the company’s operation incidents.

From our Partner

Judith Crawford, National Express
National Express
"Zonar has been a fantastic partner for us. They are absolutely willing to work to understand what our issues are and to provide us with tailored options; it wasn’t like we were just buying off the shelf. People hear the name "Zonar" and they know who it is; Zonar has a great history in the industry." Judith Crawford, CEO of National Express LLC
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