BuspatrolBuspatrol Zonar + BusPatrol Stop-arm camera safety program

Hold violators accountable
Update buses with new tech
Integrate safety and efficiency
Reduce future violations

Let’s protect student riders.

Student safety keeps getting more and more complicated. But its importance never diminishes. With a shared mission to keep student riders safe, Zonar and BusPatrol have partnered to make their journey safer—on the bus and just outside of it. Together, let’s take every precaution to keep your student riders safe, secure and healthy.

Safe inside the bus.

From the moment students board their bus to when they get off, their safety is in your hands. That means making sure the bus itself is a safe place to be.

Safe getting on and off

When drivers pass a school bus with its stop-arm extended, student riders’ lives are at risk. And yet, during the 2018-2019 school year, more than 17 million stop-arm violations occurred throughout the U.S. BusPatrol is working with communities to change the culture of driving through its comprehensive stop-arm camera program.

How it works

  • When a driver passes a stopped bus with its stop-arm extended, the stop-arm camera automatically records the violation.
  • BusPatrol compiles the evidence into a package, which it provides to law enforcement.
  • Law enforcement reviews the evidence and issues the stop-arm violator a citation.
  • Violators pay their fines, which cover the entire cost of the technology and stop-arm enforcement program.

One exclusive, no-cost technology package

BusPatrol and Zonar have partnered to offer an exclusive, comprehensive school bus safety technology package to safeguard your entire fleet and enhance its operations. No upfront capital outlay, operating or management costs for you. Fines paid by stop-arm violators cover the hardware, installation and service costs of both solutions. Find out what’s included and how to participate.