Zonar MyView bus tracking app

Zonar MyView Track each bus with precision

Eliminate route-based errors
Reduce calls to dispatch
Ensure data security
Broadcast service alerts

Transparency creates peace of mind.

Clear communication about where a child’s school bus is puts parents and school districts more at ease. Zonar MyView provides full visibility into bus locations, changes and estimated times of arrival so only those who need to know can stay in the loop.

  • The MyView back-end portal serves as a district dashboard used to communicate bus changes, delays or breakdowns.
  • Parents use the MyView mobile app to see where their child’s bus is located, create zones and customize alerts.

Smooth the daily routine.

Modern family schedules are complex. Reliable bus information makes planning ahead easier.

The MyView app delivers greater flexibility so parents can:

  • check on the school bus whenever they need
  • receive timely updates regarding bus or route changes
  • custom-build zones and create proximity-based alerts
  • add multiple zones for different drop-off destinations
  • eliminate unnecessary alerts by associating each zone to relevant buses
  • plan the day knowing when the bus will arrive

Parents can time schedules more efficiently with SMS alerts as the bus is approaching. Wake the kids when they need to, get to the bus stop when they need to. And avoid waiting outside in bad weather.

Fit modern families.

Not every family is structured the same. But they all need to know when the bus will get there.

The custodial parent:

  • sets up the student and bus information
  • easily and securely share that information with other caregivers

With shared access, all authorized guardians can view the bus’s location. And, as the family’s situation changes, the custodial parent can edit, add or remove other users.

Reduce the volume of parent calls.

Use the MyView back-end portal to set up zones around schools and seamlessly manage bus substitutions.

  • Dispatchers send one-way messages to appropriate parents if a bus route is changed or delayed.
  • Parents follow the bus on the MyView app, and receive alerts when the bus:
    • arrives and departs from school
    • arrives and departs the parents’ customized zone(s)
    • has a change of plan en route

Either way, parents can follow the appropriate bus or route instead of calling your district.

Answer common questions, solve common problems.

Fewer parents will call looking for the bus. But some may call for help with MyView. Dispatchers use the MyView Support Assistant to view their basic account information and answer common questions.

Help parents with:

  • push notifications
  • zones and alerts
  • notification histories

Capture ridership details for yourself and parents.

Equip each student with a passive, Zonar-issued RFID card. They scan their card upon boarding and exiting the bus, which captures the exact time, location and bus number.

You see inside bus ridership so you can better serve students and parents. Parents can view and receive instant alerts with the details of their child getting on and off the bus. Useful insight for you, peace of mind for parents.

Student info stays secure.

Ensuring MyView data security relies on only a few simple steps. The district supplies a unique access code to the custodial contact for each individual student. Users add their child’s unique district ID to track the correct bus—and none other. Additional password protection locks down all the information and controls access.

Zonar MyViewProduct Brochure Learn more Get the details and see some specifications. Download the Zonar MyView cutsheet.

Zonar MyView
MyView Parent AppPlan for your child's arrival with greater peace of mind.
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  • View a real-time, map-based bus locator
  • Answer parent questions with Support Assistant
  • Register parents, guardians and caregivers
  • Guarantee parent and student information privacy
  • Create custom zones for each stop and facility
  • Send SMS messages
  • Integrate with Zonar V4™ GPS tracking
  • Rapid Response Rate for a ping rate of every 10 seconds
  • Available on smartphones, tablets and computers
  • Obtain GPS, telematics and routing data analytics for transportation efficacy
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