Zonar Emissions Check

Comply with CARB’s Clean Truck Check, without downtime.

Maintain compliance with remote, onboard scans
Monitor fleetwide & per vehicle compliance online
Identify potential scan failures before sending to CARB
Avoid complex logistics & third-party costs
Zonar is the first company to receive an Executive Order from the California Air Resources Board (CARB) for a continuously connected device to remotely meet the Clean Truck Check compliance testing requirements. Read the press release

Know what’s behind the CTC regulation.

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) is tasked with safeguarding the public’s health from harmful air pollution spearheading initiatives that combat climate change.

CARB’s Clean Truck Check (CTC) regulation aims at reducing smog-forming and carcinogenic air pollutants to make the air healthier and meet federal air quality mandates. This regulation combines regular vehicle testing with advanced emissions monitoring and enhanced enforcement to identify vehicles that need emission-related repairs. And ensure repairs are completed in a timely manner.

Enforcement is scheduled to commence January 1, 2025.

Clean Truck Check enforcement timeline

Comply without complexity or extra downtime.

The CTC regulation requires scans at different 90-day intervals per vehicle, depending on the vehicle’s attributes (VIN or date of registration).

  • Two scans are required per year within the vehicle's individual due dates.
  • Each needs to be performed by either your in-house technicians, third party vendors or during a shop visit.

Zonar Emissions Check is our service that ensures scans are performed on time, without a costly logistical nightmare. We share the data with only your permission and will not provide it to CARB unless required.

Set up remote scans.

Compliance deadlines dictate scan deadlines based on registration. The scan deadline is 6 months after the expiration date of California registration. If the vehicle is not registered in California, scan eligibility will be determined based on the last digit of the VIN.

Zonar Emissions Check Process

Stay compliant on the go.

Emissions Check performs the required scan on schedule.

  • Comply with the CTC regulation, no matter where the vehicle is located.
  • View pass/fail results in the secure Zonar Ground Traffic Control® online portal.
  • Eliminate the downtime associated with bringing the vehicle in for a required scan.

Identify vehicles that may fail their upcoming emissions scan. And know about component problems that need fixes before having a successful rescan.

View daily fault diagnostic reporting, already included in Ground Traffic Control. And use Zonar FaultIQ®, to predict potential faults that would impact the vehicle’s emissions. All within a single pane-of-glass user experience, within a single, end-to-end solution.

Key features
  • Remote CTC emissions scans
  • Integrated service with existing Zonar V4™ TCU
  • Scan data shared directly with CARB, when required
  • Pass/fail scan result reporting
  • Manage assets enabled for CTC in Ground Traffic Control
  • 24/7/365 U.S.-based Customer Support

Open more time to focus on operations.

The less time ensuring compliance takes, the more time you have to focus on running your fleet. Instead of taking a vehicle offline for its scans, rely on our CARB-certified TCU, the Zonar V4™, to provide the live engine data Emissions Check needs to deliver accurate pass/fail results.

  • Monitor your fleet’s compliance with the CTC and other regulations, across the fleet and per vehicle.
  • Improve safety and efficiency by tracking vehicle location, speed and driving behavior.
  • Reduce breakdowns by using alerts and predictive maintenance insights.
Zonar Emissions Check
As Zonar is now a certified provider of OBD testing devices, we are honored to provide a solution for fleets that will automatically perform emission checks while vehicles are on route to ensure compliance, eliminating downtime and the possibility of costly logistical nightmares from having to reroute vehicles to testing centers for a required scan. Greg Colvin, Senior Director of Solutions Engineering at Zonar.

Meet the TCU that makes it possible.

Not all telematics control units (TCUs) are the same. Nor do they all deliver high-quality data. Our Zonar V4 TCU collects precision live engine data that provides reliable, real-time insight into your fleet’s inner workings.

  • Pinpoint vehicle location for swift theft and loss recovery.
  • Ensure safer transportation and on-time reliability.
  • Exonerate falsely accused drivers and accelerate accident investigations.
  • Detect and provide alerts for risky driving behaviors such as speeding.
Zonar V4 telematics control unit
Key features
  • Enhanced precision and data integrity for a reliable, high-definition engine data feed
  • Glonass, Beidou, GPS and GNSS coverage for maximum satellite visibility and accuracy
  • Store-and-forward technology to mitigate data inaccuracies
  • Ancillary data (I/Os) for comprehensive analysis
  • Sources acceleration data from onboard accelerometer devices, CAN Bus and GPS for comprehensive validation
  • Complies with Heavy Duty J1939/1708 SAE standards for precision diagnostics
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