Modernize your state and local government fleet management for reliability, efficiency and safety.

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Meet today’s challenges with leading smart fleet tech.

State and local government fleets aren’t in it for the profit. You serve the public and critical government functions, while operating under strict regulations, budgetary allocations and service level agreements. One misstep can impact your relationship with the citizens who depend on your department. We embrace your challenges as our own and will work with you to do more, more efficiently.

Monitor vehicle diagnostics
Monitor vehicle locations, trip histories & driver usage.
Vehicle health
Maintain fleet health, lengthen vehicle lifespan & reduce costs.
Uphold safety & compliance standards with expert help.
Serve your community & respond to their concerns with data.

See what you can do with a single view.

Optimize every driver, operator and fleet asset across locations. Take less than two minutes to see how Zonar smart fleet management solutions unify your view into performance, health, safety, inspections and utilization wherever you deploy an asset.

Move forward with a modern platform.

Move forward with a modern platform.

State and local government fleet management is the engine that powers your operation’s efficiency. Enhance vehicle health, utilization, safety and availability. Online, anytime, anywhere, on one platform.

Motor pool fleets, passenger vehicles, firetrucks, ambulances, police cars, sweepers, snowplows, dump trucks—remotely monitor and manage almost any vehicle type, model and year. Control costs, including fuel and maintenance. And base decisions on detailed data that shows your fleet’s inner workings in real time.

The implementation of Zonar’s applications and the integration with our fleet maintenance system play an integral part in helping our fleet operations save money while being more efficient and responsive to our clients (other city departments). Keith Leech, Fleet Manager, City of Sacramento (California)
Zonar's customer service is among the best I have ever experienced, and I work with many vendors throughout the country. I think it is important for others to know they won't regret going with Zonar. Frank Lomeli, Deputy Director of Field Operations, City of Glendale (Arizona)
With Zonar, we have been able to better track our vehicles, keep them up and running, and streamline our pre- and post- trip inspections with verified reports. If I ever have a problem, Zonar’s customer service is phenomenal. One of the biggest things when you work with a company is how fast you can get them to deal with an issue. Doug Legg, Manager of Street Maintenance, Denver Public Works Department (Colorado)

Enhance fleet health and availability.

Enhance fleet health and availability.

Keep each vehicle ready and reliable with Zonar Fleet Health solutions. Maintain peak operating condition with detailed diagnostics, performance metrics and an understanding of the vehicle’s overall health, not just the engine. Reduce shop visits, maintenance costs and breakdowns. Plus, keep aging government fleets healthy, longer.

Remotely monitor your government fleet’s health across makes, models and major components with Zonar FaultIQ®, powered by Noregon. Predict and prevent critical failures before they sideline the vehicle. Enable technicians and non-technicians to diagnose and prioritize fault codes faster. For every vehicle, all with one online, predictive maintenance platform.

Maintain control with real-time tracking.

Know where every vehicle, piece of heavy equipment and tracked fleet asset is located. Remotely track locations online with reliable GPS tracking built for light-duty vehicles, as well as medium- and heavy-duty vehicles.

  • Respond to community concerns with vehicle location and performance data.
  • Monitor how your fleet is deployed, driven and utilized to address issues.
  • Protect against loss, theft and unauthorized use with real-time tracking.

Use a rugged, discreet asset tracking device for non-powered state and local fleet assets such as toolboxes, mobile generators and signs, equipment, trailers, dumpsters…just about anything you want to locate with precision. Track assets for up to 10 years (1 or 2 pings daily) with a field replaceable battery.

Uphold fleetwide safety & compliance.

Uphold fleetwide safety & compliance.

Government fleets operate under strict federal, state, county and city regulations. Safety is paramount, as is maintaining a positive relationship with the public.

Work with our dedicated team of safety & compliance experts, who understand the regulations that affect your fleet and your department. Determine what fleet technologies are best suited to help you avoid violations and meet expectations.

  • Ensure drivers use good judgement while handling government vehicles.
  • Electronically verify that every required vehicle inspection is done properly.
  • Analyze fleetwide driver and vehicle compliance trends to identify issues.
  • Optimize operations to meet service level agreements and comply with strategic initiatives.

Meet today’s challenges with modern solutions.

Real-time asset data Log on to Ground Traffic Control® to view real-time vehicle data gathered by the Zonar V4™ TCU.
Discreet asset tracking Protect vehicles, assets and equipment from loss with the rugged, hard-to-see Zonar ZTrak®.
Verified inspections Remotely verify that every vehicle inspection is done right, and the results are captured, using EVIR®.
Predictive diagnostics Monitor fleet health in detail with Zonar FaultIQ®, our online predictive maintenance platform.
Citizen response Investigate complaints and ensure service levels are met with objective, real-time fleet data.
Light-duty tracking Plug-and-play a Zonar LD™ light-duty TCU to monitor and manage passenger vehicles.
Safety & compliance Work with a team of experts to make sure your fleet follows the proper regulations and policies.
Remote tire monitoring Monitor tire pressure and temperature online and across distances with ContiConnect Live.
See the whole suite of modern fleet tech.