ContiConnect Live Integrated

Real-time, online tire pressure monitoring.

Prevent accidents, breakdown & service calls
Monitor tires regardless of the vehicle’s location
Extend each tire’s lifespan for a higher ROI
Optimize fuel efficiency to save hard costs

Protect what keeps your fleet moving.

If a tire’s pressure is underinflated, it burns extra fuel and puts the vehicle at risk of an accident. Continental and Zonar created an integrated solution, ContiConnect Live, to provide real-time insight into each tire on each Zonar-enabled vehicle.

Fleet managers, maintenance personnel and drivers can keep an anytime eye on the vehicle’s tires.

  • Monitor each tire online, regardless of location and whether that vehicle is traveling.
  • Receive real-time alerts when a tire becomes under or overinflated.
  • Keep each tire healthy to save fuel and replacement costs, enhance safety, and increase your ROI through a longer tire lifespan.
ContiConnect Live Integrated - Tire pressure monitoring

Did you know…

of all truck out-of-service violations in 2022 were tire related.1

of tire-related violations are due to being flat or underinflated.1

of fleet tires are underinflated by at least 10 psi.2

1 FMCSA roadside inspection data
2 Continental fleet tire inspection data

A watched tire costs less.

ContiConnect measures each tire’s data and sends that data to the cloud in real time for authorized personnel, including the vehicle’s driver, to keep a close eye on each tire, regardless of location. And, on Continental data, ContiConnect Live has proven to reduce fleet operating costs by enabling longer tire life.

  • $600–$800 reduction in tire-related costs, per vehicle
  • 20% longer casing life
  • 15% longer tread life

Pay closer attention to your fleet’s tires to minimize wear and tear—and reduce unnecessary, related costs. All through remote, online tire pressure and temperature monitoring.

How much could your fleet save with properly inflated tires?

Tire monitoring anytime, anywhere.

Zonar Ground Traffic Control® fleet management portal provides the most accessible, real-time picture of your fleet. View all underinflated vehicles directly from the management portal, and see a bird’s-eye view of each vehicle tire and their real-time status.

Also streamline preventative maintenance and on-road performance. Remotely read tire-specific fault codes at the same time your driver sees an in-vehicle indictor lamp.

Keep on top of each tire with customizable, real-time portal, text and email alerts.

Receive multiple levels of low tire pressure alerts to prioritize service and potential issues.
Detect rapid changes in tire pressure, such as air leaks, to avoid breakdowns.
Identify high tire temperatures that may lead to excessive wear and faster failure.
Fixed inside the cab. Shows tire pressure and temperature. Warns the driver in the event of pressure loss.
Tire sensor
Mounted on the tire inner liner inside a rubber housing (tire sensor container). Continuously measures tire pressure and temperature.
Central Control Unit (CCU)
Receives tire pressure and temperature data directly from the sensors. Evaluates the data. Provides the status of all tires to the Zonar telematics system.
Zonar V4™
Get precise location data wherever your fleet operates with GNSS positioning services that leverages GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou satellites. Real-time GPS and diagnostic data wherever the fleet operates. Sends all vehicle data directly to Ground Traffic Control.

Even slightly underinflated tires have a big impact.

Higher costs
  • Increased fuel consumption, higher fuel costs
  • Breakdowns, costs of standstill and downtimes
  • Reduced tread life, higher lifetime costs
Reduced safety
  • Poor vehicle handling
  • Increased stopping distance
  • Loss of control in curve or lane changes
Harmful emissions
  • Increased fuel consumption, higher CO2 output
  • Environmental costs from blowout debris
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