Zonar 2020 to Provide Nebraska Transportation Company Fleet with Automatic On-Board Recording Device and Electronic Verified Inspection Reporting

Seattle Wash. – January 12, 2016 – Zonar, a leading transportation technology company, announced today that Nebraska Transportation Company (NTC), the premier Midwest regional LTL trucking carrier with nationwide capabilities, has chosen to deploy Zonar telematics across its fleet in 120 trucks. NTC selected Zonar for its leading telematics platform and 2020® purpose-built communications tablet with pre-installed EVIR® (Electronic Verified Inspection Report), hours-of-service, fuel efficiency, two-way messaging and advanced commercial navigation.

Zonar’s 2020® preloaded with ZLogs® hours-of-service application will help NTC and its drivers track their hours-of-service (HOS) and submit timely and accurate reports. The HOS feature best prepares NTC to be on the roadway to compliance with the recently finalized Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) ELD mandate that requires electronically tracking HOS logs. The EVIR on the 2020® provides NTC drivers with a tool to conduct consistent and verifiable vehicle inspections and electronically submit inspection reports that are understandable, legible and complete.

“The 2020 is more than just an Automatic On-Board Recording Device,” said Brent Holliday, CEO of Nebraska Transport Company. “Yes, it helps us and our drivers become more accountable with hours-of-service as an electronic logging device, but it also gives us a pre- and post-trip inspection tool that helps us maintain our CSA scores by ensuring that our trucks are operating efficiently and safely.”

In addition to the 2020®, NTC is also implementing the V3 from Zonar for telematics. The V3 features, HD GPS, real-time remote vehicle diagnostics for improving vehicle uptime and maintenance operations. Fault code data is instantly delivered to fleet managers and dispatchers, often before the driver is aware of the problem. Alerted to a truck’s condition, NTC can schedule shop time and maintenance resources in advance to reduce vehicle downtime. All performance and diagnostic information are available through Zonar’s web-based Ground Traffic Control application.

“NTC is a customer-centric and customer friendly trucking company that I am thrilled to see embrace Zonar to better meet their needs as a transportation company,” said Chris Hines, executive vice president at Zonar Systems. “I look forward to hearing more about the safety, efficiency and maintenance benefits I am sure they will receive from Zonar.”

About NTC

How We Started:
Nebraska Transport Company was started by Mr. Richard “Dick” Holliday in 1973. As a young man, Mr. Holliday set out to find his way in the world. He ended up in Scottsbluff, Nebraska when he ran out of gas and money. He worked odd jobs, and eventually found work with a trucking company. Mr. Holliday worked his way up the ranks at that carrier, eventually earning the title of Terminal Manager. After making a decision to take care of a customer’s needs even though it went against company policy, Mr. Holliday found himself out of a job. This experience motivated him to start his own company… A trucking company that truly put the customer experience as job one. At NTC, our humble beginnings as a one-truck operation committed to taking better care of the customer is still deeply rooted in who we are today.

Who we are today:
Today NTC is a Premium Regional LTL Carrier still in the constant pursuit of Genuine Customer Service. We are committed to a set of Core Values that govern our everyday operation. We now have 10 terminal locations, close to 150 tractors, and around 225 trailers. We also have a Truckload division, a Guaranteed and Expedited Program, and many value-added services available to our customers. We pride ourselves on our top tier CSA scores, our safety rating, and our on-time claims free service rating. At today’s NTC, the customer is still most important, but now we are blessed to have a lot more to take care of.

About Zonar
Founded 15 years ago, Zonar has pioneered smart fleet management technology by providing innovative technology that has changed fleet operations in the vocational, pupil, transit and commercial trucking industries. With a unique focus on this field, the Company offers a complete suite of solutions and specialized platforms for our customers in multiple markets. Our patented, award-winning technology keeps fleet owners and managers connected to their fleets and drivers to dispatchers. Headquartered in Seattle, Zonar also has a Technology Development Center in downtown Seattle, an office in Cincinnati, and a distribution center outside of Atlanta. For more information about Zonar Systems, go to www.zonarsystems.com