Zonar Package Guide Passenger Transportation Fleets

1. Pick your Zonar Mobile Ecosystem plan
Powered on the Samsung Galaxy Tablet, use Zonar and certified Google Play Store applications.
Powered on the Samsung Galaxy Tablet, leverage your own telecom rates and Google Play Store.
2. Pick your services
Required: Zonar Essentials
Ground Traffic Control®
Track, Trace, Idle, Diagnostics
Complete visibility into your fleet’s location including engine-idle reporting. Expert engine fault code analysis, diagnosis and recommended courses of action from Detroit technicians.
Forms-based messaging application with automated data fields improves communication between dispatchers and drivers.
Basic two-way messaging application improves communications between drivers and fleet management.
Fleet Health
Remotely connects your engine for continuous monitoring and diagnosis of system fault alerts.
Free mobile app for performing Cummins engine updates over the air, in as little as 5 minutes.
FaultIQ reports fault descriptions and severity with plans for action that can prevent costly tows and driver downtime.
Receive real-time tire pressure and temperature alerts. View online insights of tire statuses, history and a bird’s-eye view of current vehicle readings. Requires Continental Intelligent Tires.
Routing software-agnostic solution that empowers every driver to capture paths in real time and reverse upload for dispatch approval. Approved routes are available for drivers and substitutes to steer curbside every turn of the way.
Mobile app for parents and school dispatcher portal for buses equipped with a Zonar V4™. Parents can track the bus, create proximity-based email and SMS alerts, and receive messages regarding bus changes or delays. Schools can seamlessly manage bus substitutions.
Requires Z Pass RFID card reader. Parents receive notifications for where and when their child gets on or off the school bus.
Improves safety and security of passengers by providing parents and management insight into time, data and vehicle entry/exits events.
Driver-facing mobile app for real-time verification of the right student, right bus, right stop.
Our EVIR® application verifies the pre- and post-trip inspection process while eliminating paper reports.
Our standalone, EVIR® application verifies the pre- and post-trip inspection process while eliminating paper reports. Available on Android & iOS devices.
Protect your business with a dual-facing dashcam and driver application. View video evidence of incidents, real-time in-cab coaching and performance insights for fleet managers.
Schedule & Dispatch
Open a 360-degree view into your school bus fleet to manage operations more efficiently and make better use of resources and budget. Integrate real-time GPS and routing, schedule drivers and vehicles, and elevate on-time arrivals.
Increase visibility into labor costs by managing when drivers can clock in and out. Includes driver app
Time & Attendance
Finalize gross payroll with a one-click submission. Calculate guarantee and overtime based on preset rules. Includes schedule & dispatch.
Finalize gross payroll with a one-click submission. Calculate guarantee and overtime based on preset rules. Includes schedule & dispatch, driver app.
Third Party Apps
Certified Google Play applications that have been vetted & proven to be compatible with the Samsung Galaxy tablet.
Applications hosted on the Google Play store.
Provides enterprise-grade security and safety feature lockdown for every Samsung Galaxy tablet.
3. Pick Your Hardware
V4 TCU V4™ Essential kit The V4 Essential telematics control units provide GPS fleet tracking, vehicle performance, subsystem and diagnostic information.
Zonar Light-duty TCU Zonar LD The Zonar LD plug-and-play telematics control unit (TCU) is designed for tracking passenger trucks, vans, SUVs and cars.
Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3 Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3 kit Grow your fleet’s capabilities with managed access to Zonar and third-party applications through the Google Play store.
Samsung Galaxy Tablet and V4 Essential Combo V4™ Essential & Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3 kit Combine the power of the V4 telematics unit and ruggedized Connect tablet for vehicle tracking, EVIR inspections and productivity tools.
Zonar Dashcam Zonar Dashcam™ A dual facing camera used to visually detect objects on the road and process critical events.
Z Pass Rider Visibility Z Pass® kit Z Pass improves the safety and security of passenger transportation by allowing you to quickly see where and when riders enter and exit buses.
ZTrak Asset Tracking ZTrak® ZTrak is the most reliable and easy-to-use equipment tracker available. ZTrak helps you locate all of your assets instantly.
EVIR EVIR® kit Put EVIR in each of your driver’s hands to automate, simplify and verify pre- and post-trip inspections.
4. Pick your Premium Services  
Onsite Training
Customer Experience Manager
Zonar Care
Set your teams up for success with onsite training for the Zonar technology they use.

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Having a Customer Experience Manager means having a dedicated Zonar professional in your corner.

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Zonar Care Technology Support Services is designed to keep your fleet running longer and with minimal service interruption.

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5. Pick your Professional Services  
Custom Reports
Real-time data streams
Custom Zonar projects
We’ll work with you to build custom data tables and visualization.

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Need to leverage your own data repository? We’ll stream data in real-time, and provide full data validation and recovery.

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Together, we’ll create custom solutions that use data to optimize operations and create your own unique competitive advantage.

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