ContiPressureCheck Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Zonar integrates Continental's ContiPressureCheck

This revolutionary offering from Continental and Zonar decreases tire breakdowns, reduces overall fuel consumption and extends tire life—ultimately driving dramatic cost savings and improving safety outcomes for companies using Zonar's smart fleet management solutions.

What are the impacts of underinflated tires?

Impact on Costs
  • Increased fuel consumption, higher fuel costs
  • Breakdowns, costs of standstill / downtimes
  • Reduced tread life, higher lifetime costs
Impact on Safety
  • Poor vehicle handling
  • Increased stopping distance
  • Loss of control in curve or lane changes
Impact on Emissions
  • Reduced tread life
  • Increased fuel consumption, higher CO2 output
  • Environmental costs from blowout debris

How ContiPressureCheck works with Zonar

Zonar’s Ground Traffic Control® provides the most accessible real-time picture of fleet operations. To access tire data in Ground Traffic Control, the fleet simply needs to install the ContiPressureCheck tire pressure monitoring system—consisting of tire sensors, a central processor, and an optional in-cab display. By integrating information from the ContiPressureCheck system with Ground Traffic Control, fleet managers are alerted of early warning diagnostics via text, email notifications or reports in Ground Traffic Control. Fault codes can be read remotely by fleet operations at the same time the driver sees an in-vehicle indicator lamp to streamline preventative maintenance and on-road performance.

Receive real-time text and email alerts

Tire Pressure Receive multiple levels of low pressure alerts
Air Leaks Avoid break downs by detecting rapid changes in tire pressure
Tire Temperature Identify high temperatures which may lead to excessive wear
Tire Pressure Monitering System
Display: Fixed inside the cab, the display shows the tire pressure and temperature and warns the driver in the event of pressure loss.
Tire sensor: Sensors are mounted on the tire inner liner inside a rubber housing (tire sensor container) and continuously measure the tire pressure and temperature.
Central Control Unit (CCU): The CCU receives tire sensor signals directly or via the additional receiver, evaluates the data and provides the status of all tires to the display or the telematic systems.
External Antenna: The optional antenna is used to receive sensor signals in challenging radio frequency conditions.
Zonar Integration: Integrate pressure data with Zonar’s Ground Traffic Control web portal. Provides fleet operations with text and email alerts for low tire pressure as well as full diagnostics reporting. Learn more about Ground Traffic Control.
Ground Traffic Control

Why is proper tire inflation important?

  • According to the Technology & Maintenance Council of the American Trucking Association, a constant 20 percent underinflation in a commercial vehicle tire increases tread wear by 25 percent and reduces the tire lifetime by 30 percent.
  • Underinflation of just 10 psi reduces fuel economy by one percent.
  • Improper tire inflation increases total tire-related costs by approximately $600 to $800 annually per tractor-trailer combination.
Ground Traffic Control Tire Pressure Alerts Receive text and email alerts or view reports in Ground Traffic Control.
Some words from Leadership
Ensuring the safety of drivers and decreasing fleet maintenance costs is a core priority as we constantly look to improve our smart fleet management solutions. Integrating the ContiPressureCheck system into our offering marks another milestone toward Zonar’s goal to offer an all-in-one platform enabling peak performance for fleet operations.
Larry Jordan, Chief Product Officer at Zonar