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Exonerate drivers falsely accused of performing unsafely.

Why false accusations cost your fleet

Staged accidents. Community complaints. Minor accidents. Misunderstandings. You name it, safe drivers are too often unfairly held responsible.

  • Scammers target commercial vehicles in staged accidents for insurance payouts.
  • Residents may believe your drivers were operating unsafely in their neighborhood.
  • Commercial drivers are often held liable for accidents when they’re not at fault.
  • Accidents and incidents cost budget, CSA score goes up, and insurance rates rise.
  • Lack of objective evidence leaves your driver’s word against the other party’s claim.

How to exonerate safe drivers.

Use dashcam video as an objective, reliable witness. Drive the investigation based on facts, footage and context to determine true liability.

  • Install a smart HD dashcam that records when there’s an incident or accident.
  • Download view event footage, including vehicle, driver and third-party actions.
  • Compare with ECM data to confirm location, vehicle behavior and driver actions.
  • Use footage during pre-litigation to aid the accident reconstructionist.
  • Earn driver buy-in with a smart dashcam that records only when it detects an unsafe event.

What you need in a smart dashcam

Watch events unfold. Zonar Coach™ features a smart HD dashcam that records up to 5 minutes of footage for specific, unsafe events.

  • Coach records when it detects 1 of 8 events, including speeding and lane drifting.
  • Review on-demand 1080p HD footage securely online, anytime, and from anywhere.
  • View up to 5 minutes of footage for more context around the compliant or accident.
  • Compare footage with witness statements and law enforcement reports.
  • Prove your driver’s innocence with objective evidence of right action and safe performance.
  • Enhance insight by choosing a dual-facing, smart dashcam to see what happened inside and outside your driver’s vehicle.