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Stop internal fuel theft by tracking its footprints.

Why some employees steal fuel

Fuel theft is a non-violent crime with little risk of jailtime. Some employees steal to resell for a profit. Others may not realize they’re stealing.

  • Diesel and unleaded gasoline are hot commodities for resale.
  • Employees don’t always see using fleet vehicles or fuel cards for personal use as theft.
  • Internal fuel theft is often a crime of small, easily overlooked opportunities.
  • Small instances take time to add up and draw suspicion.
  • Monitoring each vehicle, driver and trip is time consuming, especially for large fleets.

How to spot red flags

Small, undetected thefts add up. Extend your fleet’s basic fuel theft precautions with fuel tracking & analytics.

  • Capture detailed vehicle location, path, times, dates and fuel use instead of just MPG.
  • Look for a solution that includes a report function for matching fuel card transaction with vehicle location, dates and times.
  • Learn what red flags to look for in the fuel, vehicle and driver behavior data.
  • Pay attention to small discrepancies between fuel use and fuel purchases.
  • Identify trends and activities to inform questions when you investigate.

What you need in fuel tracking & analytics

See fuel usage and anomalies in detail. Zonar ZFuel™ is a detailed report within Zonar Ground Traffic Control®.

  • Captures fuel metrics for each vehicle.
  • Measures variables such as routes, trips, terrain, weather, driver activities and vehicle health that influence fuel use.
  • Map-based reporting shows where and when low MPG occurs.
  • Review cruise control mapping across any distance for further insight into fuel use.
  • Review Individual Driver Efficiency Scores to see who’s optimizing fuel use, and who may need to be reviewed more closely.

Assume good intentions. Driver trust is essential, and no one likes being accused.