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Prevent pencil whipping with truly verifiable electronic inspections.

Why an inspection may be falsified

Rushed and incomplete inspections don’t automatically indicate incompetence. But find out why.

  • Drivers and operators may take for granted that the vehicle or asset works as expected.
  • They haven’t been trained on a standardized inspection process for that asset.
  • Inclement weather such as snow or rain make inspecting the exterior uncomfortable.
  • Tight deadlines or delivery dates add pressure to get moving or keep working.
  • Underperforming drivers and operators see an opportunity to skip steps.

How to ensure complete inspections

Move to an electronically verifiable system to ensure each inspection and walkaround is done properly.

  • Provide a tool that walks them through the inspection process, step by step.
  • Drivers and operators perform the inspection, and upload the results for online review.
  • Standardize inspection procedures so each one is performed the same way each time.
  • Use the data to identify those who perform proper inspections—and those who don’t.
  • Level the field for holding everyone to the same standards of proper inspections.
  • Encourage and sustain a fleetwide culture of safety that discourages pencil whipping.

What you need in an electronic inspection system

Inspections performed using Zonar EVIR® are truly verifiable. Strengthen safety and compliance, keep going.

  • Place a tag in each inspection zone.
  • Drivers and operators scan the tags, perform the inspection, and upload the results for immediate online review.
  • Customize complex inspection procedures in an easy-to-follow, bird’s eye view display.
  • Verify online that each zone was visited, each tag was scanned, and the results are complete.
  • Check the date and time stamps to see if any part of the inspection was rushed or missed.
  • Strengthen compliance with DOT, OSHA, PTASP and MSHA regulations.