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Recover lost and stolen fleet assets with rugged, reliable tracking.

Why assets go missing

Equipment, tools and trucks are low-risk, high-profit targets for theft. They’re also easy to misplace, even the heavy ones.

  • Older and non-powered assets aren’t telematics and GPS ready.
  • New assets may have telematics or GPS but aren’t tracked.
  • Assets may be deployed to remote locations for long periods of time.
  • Trucks are often laden with tools, making them prized targets when left unattended.
  • Many tracking devices are easy to see and remove, or they fail in the field.

How to recover assets, more reliably

Digitally track assets to keep them where they belong—in your inventory. Avoid unnecessary replacements, rental costs and search time.

  • Attach a small, unassuming, battery-powered tracking device to powered and non-powered assets.
  • Pinpoint a lost asset’s location remotely, online, to find it without calling around.
  • Track stolen assets’ movements and coordinate with law enforcement to recover it.
  • Make sure long-term, remote assets stay put.
  • Keep tabs on assets deployed in harsh conditions and job locations.

What you need in a tracking device

Zonar ZTrak® is a compact, IP-67-rated asset tracking device that’s easy to overlook and tough as they come. Remotely track powered and non-powered assets anywhere, online.

  • Attach it without advertising it; the device is about the size of an earbud carrying case.
  • Deploy in remote and harsh environments.
  • Track for up to 10 years (1 or 2 daily reports).
  • If necessary, replace the battery in the field to reduce service costs.
  • Trust ZTrak’s three forms of connectivity to stay connected: GNSS (GPS) and Wi-Fi® signals with fallback to cell tower regulation.