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Recover stolen fleet vehicles with real-time, tamper-resistant GPS.

Why stolen fleet vehicles are lost

Rising costs and supply shortages make high-value fleet vehicles hot targets for thieves. But recovery isn’t always as easy as the theft.

  • Drivers leave vehicles idling to perform another task.
  • Construction and specialized utilities vehicles can be driven directly to chop shops, or illegally shipped out of the country.
  • Renters can’t be contacted when the rentals aren’t returned on time.
  • Some drivers tamper with the on-board TCU to hide their movements.
  • Fleet managers without online access to real-time GPS location can’t track the vehicle.

How to assist in recovery

Outfit each high-value fleet vehicle with precise GPS tracking to monitor its movements online. Instead of just filing a police report.

  • Install a tamper-resistant TCU that drivers can’t deactivate, and that thieves can’t see.
  • Choose one with advanced GPS instead of scheduled ping rates.
  • Track stolen vehicles online, in real time, to aid law enforcement.
  • Remotely locate lost or unreturned rental and leased vehicles.
  • Create geofenced areas and be notified if a vehicle is driven outside an authorized area.

What you need in GPS tracking

Always know high-value vehicles’ locations. The Zonar V4™ TCU features real-time GPS so you can locate vehicles online, any time.

  • Capture precise location data with HD GNSS positioning services that use a variety of satellites.
  • Senses all vehicle activity and logs the GPS location instead of using a ping location schedule.
  • Uploads GPS location data to Zonar Ground Traffic Control® for real-time online tracking.
  • Installs under the dashboard, where it can’t be seen, reached and disabled.
  • Monitor real-time vehicle locations any time on your mobile app.
  • Meets IP67 and IP69K ratings with operational temps of -40°F to 185°F.