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Create more fleet uptime by preventing vehicle breakdowns.

Why some breakdowns happen

Healthy vehicles make money. Broken-down vehicles cost money. But keeping each fleet asset healthy is easier wished for than done.

  • Fleets keep vehicles longer before replacing them due to shortages and budgets.
  • Minor repairs go unmade in favor of critical issues and deadlines.
  • Short-staffed shops prioritize repairs to keep operations moving.
  • Unrepaired defects worsen until they become critical or sideline the vehicle.
  • Mixed fleets lack a single platform for viewing assets of varying makes, models, years and major components.
  • Lack of integration between inspection reporting and maintenance work order platforms delays repairs.

How to keep vehicles healthier

Stay ahead of breakdowns instead of reacting. Look for a complete solution that monitors key components and performance metrics.

  • Streamline maintenance shops with detailed diagnostics and fleet health tech.
  • Predict and prevent impending breakdowns with detailed diagnostics.
  • Consolidate fleet health visibility onto one platform to see almost every asset with a single pane of glass.
  • Work with a smart fleet provider who partners with industry-leading OEMs that create the engines that power your vehicles.
  • Take advantage of those partnerships for deep diagnostics and expert recommendations.

What you need in fleet health tech

More visibility for more uptime—across your fleet. Keep assets in peak operating condition longer with Zonar Fleet Health solutions.

  • Easily decode and prioritize fault codes for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles regardless of manufacturer.
  • Understand a vehicle’s complete picture of health, not just its engine.
  • See a complete, real-time view into asset health, all makes, models, years and popular manufacturers.
  • Know when a Detroit engine needs service, an issue’s severity and its recommended plan of action.